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APK is all of us, moving and training together. We are the leading parkour and freerunning community in the world. Established in 2005, APK has grown to be home for over 90,000 registered users, an is visited by over 100,000 people a month. We are dedicated to providing all the resources the community desires, from daily news to the latest videos, merchandise to ways to connect with other traceurs. While the national scene is important, APK recognizes that most parkour training happens and is coordinated locally, so we also devote a lot of time to helping local communities.

American Parkour was founded by Mark Toorock, and shortly after he also founded The Tribe, one of the most talented and sought-after Parkour performance teams in the world. What really sets The Tribe apart from other performance teams is their dedication to community. In addition to training hard and preparing for performances, shows, commercials, and movies, they are all leaders and role models of the community. They have founded or help organize their own local communities in addition to helping run APK.



What APK offers

-Training guides

-Advice for beginners

-In depth articles on relevant issues

-Instructional tutorials

-A Forum for community interaction

-Photo and Video galleries


-The latest national parkour and freerunning related news and from around the world

...and much more!


Performers -

The Tribe - [TribalMovement.com ] - A team consisting of the first generation of traceurs and freerunners in the US, who are strong leaders dedicated to their individual training and supporting their local and national communities. The Tribe has experience in film, photography, television, commercial, and live performances, as well as offering workshops and classes for both parkour and fitness.


APK Alliance - A collaboration of 10 members of APK who have shown extraordinary commitment to the discipline and the community. The Alliance initiates many projects to promote parkour and freerunning in their local regions, and on a national level.


Interviews -

We are always happy to speak with media outlets and represent our disciplines publicly. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to arrange interviews.


Where to find classes -

Primal Fitness - [Primal-Fitness.com ] - Primal fitness is Washington, DC's newest and most unique fitness center. With our gradual and scalable classes, lead by a certified trainer, you will find you are capable of amazing amounts of strength, endurance, balance and agility which will allow you to unleash your full potential. During each one hour session, we start with a complete warm-up to prepare you for the class ahead, then train specific or new skills, continue with an intense workout, then finish with a complete cool-down and stretch, all intended to assist you in one of the most interesting and challenging workouts your body has ever experienced. We promise to work you hard and build your capabilities in health, fitness, athletics and life, by training you in the way your body was created to function. Please check out our class sign-up for schedules and price information.

There is also a Primal Fitness located in Miami, Florida. 


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APK is all of us, training together.