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"The guys where great and such a huge hit. They brought that show to life and will have people talking about it for a long time." - Ivette Ramos K-SWISS

"The Tribe was a great group of guys to work with. They came prepared and maintained a high level of energy and professionalism throughout the two long days of shooting.Each member brought different perspectives and talents to the table which allowed us to focus on all aspects of Parkour. Their insight and experience allowed us to easily reflect the evolution of Parkour and the future potential that we were looking to express in our video." - Taylor Tscharner, Motive

"They really did an excellent job, much more than what we asked them for. They were really professionals, training all the time they could, excellent attitude" -Augstina of Nokia International

"The skill, focus, and enthusiasm of the entire Parkour team was remarkable. You operated like seasoned film veterans and my entire crew was equally impressed." Ken Arlidge, Aero Films - Director of K-Swiss Commercials

"It was great fun to work with you and your team... The impact is great and I could see you booking this at all kinds of business events. Companies are always looking for something new." Mark Krumme - Encore Productions

"Working with the Tribe was a great experience. Each and every member handled himself with the utmost respect for both the art of parkour and our film crew. No one refrained from making sure we captured parkour and free running in a positive, accurate light, and for that, our film has turned out better than any of us could have imagined. Of course, the most impressive part of our shoot was the incredible ability of these athletes. Thank you to everyone from the Tribe!" Chris Reinhard, Motive (

"From the first day of rehearsals, Levi stood out for his professionalism, responsibility, and, of course, his undeniable talent in the sport of parkour." - Madonna

"To each of you much respect for making it look so easy, for your stamina, and each for an attitude that reflects great human spirit." Ken Arlidge, Aero Films - Director of K-Swiss Commercials

"I want you to thanks you and congratulate you for the team you sent! ...all the people where really impressed on the things they did- so again... THANKS!" - Augstina of Nokia International

"Mark was really indispensable on shoot day, lending valuable advice on nearly every aspect of the production. His talent and experience are what made things go smoothly. His personality and passion are what kept the cast and crew doing their best." - Patrick Markesoano (HBO Bourne Shoot)

"Mark - thanks for bringing together a great team, for your focus, intellect, and remarkable ability to rapidly understand our complex machine." Ken Arlidge, Aero Films - Director of K-Swiss Commercials

"A superb bunch!" - Ken Arlidge, Aero Films


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