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Parkour Academy 700

APK Academy - The hub of parkour and freerunning training, APK hosts a plethora of useful tutorials, videos, workouts, and tips, as well as a network of highly qualified training centers.

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APK Academy
Washington DC

APK Academy - Gyms and Training Centers


Starting with the world's first parkour gym, and now affiliating with certified and accredited gyms across the country to bring you the best possible learning and fitness experience through Parkour and Freerunning.

Our safe proven curriculum has started 1,000's on their journeys to see what they are capable of.

American Parkour Academies share the same proven curriculum that has been developed over the past 8 years by some of the best parkour trainers and practitioners in the world. Each Academy and affiliate has at least one instructor who has been through the American Parkour Instructor Training Program, an intensive program that deals not only with issues of being a great trainer, but also in the most effective ways of teaching our students in the safest, most effective way.

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APK leads the nation's foremost Parkour Instructor Certification Program. Each APK Academy and Academy Affiliate has at least one APK Certified instructor to guide their programming to be as effective and safe as possible.



Tutorials and Articles

American Parkour is home to a treasure trove of training information, from tutorials and articles to training videos

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Workout of the Day

Every weekday APK sends out a carefully constructed and programmed workout to keep you at the top of your game. Workouts include conditioning, skills, drills, videos of movements and exercises, and even creativity drills and ideas.

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Parkour Instructor Certification Program

We take you through a complete introduction, starting with what parkour is and how to train effectively and safely. You learn foundation movements

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 Training Forums

The greatest strength of APK is in our community. Check out our forums where experienced people can help you wiith training tips and guides. Use our Training Log forum to track your progress and check up on your friends and peers.

Fitness Forum

Training Logs

Fitness Forums