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    Parkour Shoe Reviews

    When it comes to your training, shoes are an essential choice. From barefoot parkour training all the way through to the Caddilac of freerunning shoes the $150 K-SWISS Ariake III's, American Parkour members, sponsored athletes, affiliates, Tribe members and staffers have put them all to the test. We've gone through more shoes than a year's worth of marathons! When it comes to testing shoes, few activities will put them through the rigors what the likes of Parkour and freerunning will do to a pair of sneakers! Have a shoe you'd like us to review (be careful, we're brutal to them), send it our way!


    The following is a partial listing of parkour shoes we've worn over the years, from protoypes to custom products

    Feiyue - Review by Travis Graves

    Nike Darts - Review by Cody Robinson

    Nike Presto

    K-SWISS Ariake

    K-SWISS Ariake II Mesh Lite

    K-SWISS Ariake III

    K-SWISS SI-18 Rannell

    K-SWISS Kirov

    K-SWISS Kluj

    Asics Onitsuka Tiger

    Merrell Chameleon / Slams

    Reebok CrossFit

    Kalenji Success

    WFPF K/O Know Obstacles

    New Balance (Parkour Prototype)

    Reebok (Freerunning Prototype)

    Addidas My Addidas

    Vibram Five Fingers

    Five ten Freerunners

    Five ten Guide Tennies

    Innov-8 F-Lite 311