Callus Care

This is a How-To article on avoiding a potentially painful situation - torn calluses. With lots of Parkour training, pull-ups, and climbing, calluses will develop, and need to be maintained to avoid painful tears. Read more to find out how to deal - Caution - slightly graphic pics. 

So, you've trained hard enough to build up some massive calluses - congrats! But, be wanred, if you rip one off it will hurt like a mother#$#%$!!. To avoid the painful tears, you need to shave then with a callus remover, available from several companies and available at just about any pharmacy / drugstore and at Amazon. Please be careful as these things are basically a holder for a razor blade, and the balde is extremely sharp (duh!).


Here's what it looks like when you don't shave your calluses and one rips -

 M2's Torn Callus :PM2's Torn Callus :P



So, instead, get a calluse shaver

 Callus Shaver



And get to it.

 Shaving Calusses to prevent tears

Read the directions in the package that came with your shaver, most importantly do this after a nice long shower so the skin is nice and soft.


Now, if you do have a torn callus, get out the fingernail clippers (be sure to clean / sterilze them first) and trim the torn piece. Once should be enough to teach you to shave your calluses regularly!


 Clipping a torn callusClipping a torn callus



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Written by Mark Toorock   
Thursday, 17 January 2008 03:35
Last Updated on Monday, 13 December 2010 22:00