New Approach to Dealing with Authorities

By: Minnesota Parkour

 Link to Informational Pamphlet

After reading the articles already posted about dealing with security and the authorities, an idea came to me.  As our art and discipline grows, it becomes increasingly important not only to be faithful ambassadors of Parkour, but to work on sharpening and strengthening our public relations skills and materials.  I wanted to combine these ideas with something tangible that we could carry with us while training, rather than just telling people about it and referring them to follow up online.   At first, my main goal was to create something for the authorities, but it has now grown to become something for everyone. 

With the wonderful feedback from my fellow traceurs in the Minnesota community, I developed an informational pamphlet , which informs people about what Parkour and Freerunning are, what the MN community is all about, and it includes resources, both locally and online.  We're lucky enough to have classes in Parkour and Freerunning here at Gleason's Gymnastics School led by Chad Zwadlo, and he was able to convince the owner of the gym to allow $10 off the first pay-as-you-go session, which we included on the pamphlet as well. 

Having something like this allowed us to personalize our mission for our community which includes our goals and local resources, because if a person simply goes online and types "Parkour" into Google, an amazing amount of information comes up, and the videos and text shown may not be the appropriate representative sample that we're looking for when trying to convey the positive values and goals of Parkour. 

We're hoping that if each traceur carries a few of these in his/her bag, backpack, or pocket, it could prove to be very successful, because not only does it provide immediate information, but it also looks organized and professional, and the person will have something to refer to later when they're home and have more time to check it out.  We have also discussed future plans to create a sort of business card-sized flyer with a weblink to either a homepage or online pamphlet for ease of carrying while training, rather than an entire pamphlet, because we're not always carrying a bag when training.  In the meantime, please feel free to use this document as a template for your own group or community, and if you'd like the Word document version to allow easier editing, send me a pm in the forum. 

Happy Training,
Matt "mospunk" Mitchell


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Written by Paul Mederos   
Sunday, 03 May 2009 16:25
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