Parkour Games: Lets Play with the Elements

By: Henry Collie  

I'll begin this month by saying that this is not entirely my own idea. While training about a week ago I was trying to teach a friend the "reverse (360 if you want to nit-pick) under-bar" and he kept clipping his feet off the middle bar of the rail. As he did so there was no obvious loss of technique or momentum however his confidence and fluidity was lost, only slightly but enough to put the whole thing off. I explained to him the importance of fluidity and made the common relation of the human body's movement in parkour to that of water. What he said next really worked and immediately he was able to do that movement and any other I showed him with little error. He said "Well, what if I pretend to be like water and if I hit anything off the rail that I shouldn't then I become metal and the only way to stay fluid like water is for me not to make a mistake".

And so we have this months game. And next months game. And possibly the one after that. I'm going to base them on the elements. This month it will be (Yeah you guessed it) Fire!... Just kidding it's water.

Game 1:


Step one:

Write down a list of all the basic movements that you can do well but not perfectly.

Step two:

Throw the list away (It may seem pointless but it will drill the movements into your memory before the exercise there's nothing worse than blanking right before you need something.)

Step three:

Choose an space with a few obstacles and a friend to watch you (Or a video camera if you have one).

Step four:

Move through the space and do at least 5 of the movements you wrote down, but here's the catch, you have to do them fluidly and you can have no more than one step in between each movement.

It seems hard even impossible and I personally can't do it sometimes, but it is possible and it will help with a lot of things e.g. fluidity, improvisation, general technique and all sorts of  things in between.

Game 2:

Water to Earth

Step one:

Pick a place, any place at all.

Step two:

Think of all the movements you can do there well but not perfectly. Do them again and again and study your movement.

Step three:

This time when you do them you are going to pretend that you are water and that if you do anything wrong at all you will instantly become a clunky piece of metal.

Keep doing this until you no longer make any mistakes and then string more and more movements together until you can do it without thinking too much.

Train safe and have fun.
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Written by Paul Mederos   
Friday, 05 June 2009 03:19
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