Parkour Games: Natural Training on the Beach

By: Henry Collie

I've decided this month to leave the element games to begin a new theme more in keeping with the summer (Mainly because in Ireland we get about a month of good weather a year). Nature Training. As most people know parkour is not only suited to an urban environment and in fact the earliest stages going right back through Georges Herberts Methode Natural to the days of the caveman are proof enough that parkour is not only for concrete and metal. This month I'm going to give you some training games to play on the beach. The beach can either be a barren wasteland of absolutely no significance, or a wonderland with new opportunities round every shore if only you'll look for them. I've spent pretty much every day of the last couple of weeks on the beach and the more time I spent there the more lines I saw. And don't worry if you don't live anywhere near the beach because I'm going to put adaptations at the end of this article.

Here's one my friend David came up with.

Game 1:

Pick a beach that isn't completely covered in stones for this one if you can help it and do it barefoot. Stand at a point on the beach and pick a line going for at least 100 meters. Try to go from the start to the end of the line by stepping on stones or pebbles. The stones don't have to be big they just have to serve as markings.

You can even try to race someone by doing this and the beauty of it is they don't even have to be a traceur.

Variation: Instead of racing someone try playing tag and you can only step on stones to move.

This game will certainly improve the durability of your feet and will help you to co-ordinate your feet with your eyes which is essential for precision jumps and the like.

For the next game you will need a very stony beach.

Game two:

Get one or more other people to play this with you and do it barefoot. Pick a beach with alot of stones and pick a distance to run i.e. 500 meters, a kilometer. Everyone stands in a line the person at the front is the leader. Run.

This game works like Simon Says the person in front does something and those in the back copy it. After a while the leader is changed until everybody has had a turn. The benefits of this are much the same as "add on" because it means that instead of everyone knowing a small list of movements all the knowledge of the group is shared among everyone within it.

The final game on this months list is one that can be quite dangerous so be careful if you are doing it.

Game 3:

Go to a beach with stacks of boulders on it. Start at one end of the beach, barefoot if at all possible although it's not entirely necessary. Begin to work your way from one end to the other moving through the boulders in the most efficient way you can see. Time yourself.

When you get to the end or a break in the rocks (But I would recommend no less than a few hundred metres) do it again but back the way. Remember to record your time from the first attempt. Time yourself again.

When you are back to the start do it again and try to beat your first time and again going back. Do this as many times as you feel necessary.
This game will help with precision, stamina, leg strength, improvisation skills and is really fun. But beware it can be dangerous so don't do something stupid.


Game 1:

I don't know about in America but here almost every street is covered in chewing gum. I mean absolutely littered. What you could do is substitute bare feet for shoes and stones for gum.

Game 2:

Just use gravel instead of a stony beach but make sure you check for glass.

Game 3:

O.K. the best I can come up with here is to go to the nearest hill or mountain and use the boulders there but then again I'm not entirely sure if that would work in exactly the same way however either way it would work your improvisational skills.

Good luck.
Train Safe.
Train Hard.

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Written by Paul Mederos   
Friday, 10 July 2009 14:17
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