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 By: Blanc Sims
--Snowball Races--
The goal of this game is to get yourself and your snowball to the (insert objective point here) and back.  You can pick a closer goal for a high-speed sprinting game, or a further destination to train endurance!


To prepare for this game you first need to create a large snowball. It is best if the snowball is approximately 2.5ft in diameter. Get as many of these "snowballs" as there are people in your group and then set them up on a line. From here, choose your destination.

 When you have everything all set up, I suggest a few burpees to warm yourselves back up.  Then once you get the feeling back into your fingers, have everyone pick a snowball.  On the count of three, all players push their snowballs along the ground in a race to the point of your choosing and back. The snowball will get larger and heavier the longer you push it!
A fun variation on this game is to have teams of 2, 3, or even 4 people per snowball. Larger teams are better for farther distances, and of help if you decide to have obstacles between you and the objective point! Getting over rails with a 30 pound 3 1/2 foot snowball CAN get tricky :)
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Written by Janine   
Friday, 05 February 2010 05:17
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