So you want to start a Parkour Gym?

Parkour Visions Gym in Seattle, WashingtonThis great article by Brandee of Parkour Visions was originally an APK forum post.

The first thing you need is a Business Plan. This will get you thinking about what you--realistically--need to open a gym. How will you pay rent? Nearly every landlord you'll come up against will expect you to have something concrete to back up your plan, whether money in the bank account, insurance, or a client base--and most likely all of the above. (Get on the insurance hunt yesterday, as it will be one of your biggest first challenges.)

Photo From Parkour Vision's Blog


You say you want a "Parkour Conditioning" gym. Is this facility just for open gyms? Are you planning to teach classes? If you want to run classes, what do you know about coaching and programming for athletes? Where will your curriculum come from? How much space do you need to meet the goals in your business plan? Will it need improvements before you move in? Do you have a slew of volunteers to help you prepare, build, and upkeep this space? Have you already practiced anything you'll need to make it work--made equipment, taught others, or even just been to a number of other gyms (parkour or not)?


Whether you have "qualifications" or not is moot until you decide what you really want out of a facility and how you will employ it safely and upkeep it effectively. I don't know anything about real estate in your area, but the overriding way to get a space is through a broker or agent of some kind. It's surely not necessary in every case, but this is one of the many questions you need to know the answer to as you seek your parkour gym. It's a reality that is definitely happening for people all over the world right now, so plan it out, find people who know about business and real estate, study up on what you intend to give to people, and good luck!

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Written by Mark Toorock   
Friday, 11 March 2011 09:36
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