How to Build Parkour Precision Jump Trainers

By: Mark Toorock

Precision Jump Training ToolJumping is surely one of the staples of Parkour and Freerunning. From long jumps, running jumps, and precisions to vaulting, catleaps and tic-tacs, the majority of moves in Parkour are based on a jump of some kind. Learning precision jumps on a 3' railing can be scary and dangerous. This article shows you how to construct a tool for less than $5.00 that can be used to train your precision and long jumps to perfection. The total time to make these should be less than 10 minutes; if it takes more you probably failed shop class- which is OK, because nobody is timing you now.


1 - 2"X4" X 8' (Pine 2x4) - Home Depot, etc about $3  (I got mine for free because a neighbor was throwing it out, it's covered in cement, which actually gives it a nice grip!)

12 - 2 1/2" wood screws or 10 penny nails

Circular or mitre saw (really any wood saw)

Tape measure / ruler


1. Measure and mark your two by four at these lengths: 24", 48", 60", 72", 84" 96". Yes, I took a picture of a 2X4 :)


2. Make these cuts, this will leave you with 2 pieces at 24" and 4 pieces at 12".

Cut up Wood - Exciting Huh?

3. Assemble them like this, use 3 screws or nails at each joint in a triangle shape, not too close to any edge.

Assembled trainers

4. Set them a comfortable distance apart and start jumping!

 Think he'll make it?



Distance: after 20 warm up jumps at a short distance (try 5-6 feet) measure your longest jump on the ground. Now, start with the trainers 6" less than that, make the jump three times. Move the trainers out 1", make the jump three times. Repeat this process until you can't make the jump 3X in a row. Note your max effort for future comparison.

Precision: Start with the blocks very close together, say 3 feet. Jump 3X, making sure to "stick" your landing each time. Now, move the trainers 6" out and repeat, be sure to stick your landing. Do this until you reach about 90% of your max, this is not a max effort jump. Once you've reach 90% of your max, move the trainers back in 6" at a time until you are back to 3 feet. For most people this workout will end up being about 60-70 jumps.

Time: With the blocks fairly far apart (measure your max and multiply by .8) see how many times you can jump back and forth in 3 minutes. Do this for three rounds with a one minute rest between rounds. Do not sacrifice quality for time, a jump you don't stick the landing on doesn't count.

Jumping: Yeah, just plain old jumping, set the blocks almost as far as you can jump and jump 100 times. When you miss 2X in a row move the blocks 4" closer and continue. Measure your final distance.

Cautions: a) Test the grip of your trainers before going for a long jump. If you only have concrete to use them on, try gluing something rubber to the bottom.  b) work up to these workouts, if you start off with 100 max effort jumps and can't walk the next day because you overstepped your ability level, don't blame me. c) this is much safer than learning on a railing, but there is still a very real possiblity of severely damagaed ankles, don't let the lack of height fool you into thinking you need less than 100% concentration every time

And for some simple pipe-style trainers, check -this link- in the forums.

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Written by Mark Toorock   
Friday, 13 October 2006 09:22
Last Updated on Thursday, 14 June 2012 09:39