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APK Forum Member Spencer Leger writes: In a magazine I read for drumming, they have a article for each month called "Give Me Ten".  In this article a drummer will give ten pieces of advice that he thinks new drummers should know.  It's extremely helpful for beginners and for more experienced people as well.  I'll start us off to give you guys a good idea of how it will go. Read more to see the other 9. Add your own 10 in the APK forum thread .

10  Enjoy Parkour    It seems simple, but most people keep training to get better and forget to have fun.  You're going to hit a plateau if you forget to have fun in your training.   

1. Take Your Time    Don't rush through your movements.  Take your time and enjoy the learning experience.  Don't try to learn a lot of movements in one day.  Instead, just learn one movement and understand it.

2. Condition    I can't stress this enough.  When I started I did not condition and it lead to my immediate downfall.  Learn how to strengthen your upper body and your lower body.  This will help you a TON in the future.

3.  Watch the Masters    Watch a lot of videos of experienced traceurs such as Daniel Ilabaca, David Belle, Blane, Phil Doyle, etc.  From watching these guys you'll learn how to put movements together, how to flow, and how parkour should look. 

4.  Film Yourself    Notice I didn't say "Make a video and put it on Youtube".  Just film yourself so you can analyze your technique and improve.  Don't just film yourself to make a show reel or a sampler.

5.  Get A Partner    This is pretty obvious.  Find a person to train with.  You'll progress faster and learn faster.  Also, it makes training more enjoyable.

6.  Drink Water    This is crucial.  Drink a lot of water throughout the day.  You may not think it makes a difference, but it does.

7.  Stretch    This one is pretty obvious.  If you don't stretch you increase your risk of injury and soreness.  Don't be stupid.  Stretch.

8.  Be Creative    Don't be caught up in following a certain training routine.  Mix it up and do things you haven't done before.  Create your own style and flow.  Use your imagination.

9.  Run    Most traceurs fail to realize the importance of running.  In parkour you run pretty much the whole time, so it would be wise to run at least 3 times a week.

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Written by Mark Toorock   
Wednesday, 12 January 2011 16:00
Last Updated on Thursday, 13 January 2011 08:52