Parkour "Life on the Edge?"

Recently an article popped up in my google alerts. It shows a complete misunderstanding of the discipline. There are good things about the article just not many.

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The article is on It talks about the Journey of Sai Mucharla, a young traceur with a great story. In 7th grade he became un-happy with his appearance. He became a vegetarian and started martial arts and lost 40 pounds. That's great.

The article also discusses the sense of community bay area Parkour has. How they treat everyone as an equal and how they try to prevent you from doing anything stupid. It also mentions that they are willing to help everyone learn.

These are all great things about the Parkour community. The article begins to go downhill from here. Sentences like "injuries prove inevitable when people are vaulting around an abandoned three story building" make people think that we are senseless risk takers. Couple that with "Like half the guys don't know what they're doing [with there life.]" And half of us are college dropouts with reckless loss of abandon and no sense of what is safe and what isn't. 

Most of the article was comprised of interviews with Mucharla and friends of his who discussed nothing but the danger. One friend says "I just wait for that phone call or just wait for the time [Mucharla's] not at school."

We as a community need to work to work to correct this view of Parkour. I know that the media twist everything around and takes it out of context. That doesn't change the fact that we need to work hard to not give them facts like this for stories. Don't go exploring abandoned buildings and don't take any crazy jumps. 

I don't blame anyone for bad publicity but we need to try and fix it. 

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(Also don't blame Mr. Mucharla. It's not his fault)

Back in 2006 Demon wrote an article about how to deal with the media. I think it deserves another look. Click here to read the article so that we can teach people about what Parkour is and most importantly what it's not.   

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Written by Patrick Witbrod   
Sunday, 23 October 2011 21:47