Parkour in Show Business

Parkour Generations announced earlier that they are working with the historic Globe Theatre in London on the choreography for The Tempest. Head coach for PkGens Blane has been introducing the main actor to parkour, and it promises to be "pretty darn special."


This is becoming more and more common in the world of show business. Traceurs are getting to do something they love for a living, something that we all want to do some day.


Click read more to find out about more instances of traceurs everywhere from traveling shows to blockbuster movies. 


Several notable examples of Parkour put to use in show business come from acting in theatre productions. Jump! A show based in Germany recently won Best Theme Park Show for their awesome choreography and the way they combine all of the different disciplines like break dancing, biking, trampoline, and you guessed it, parkour. 

    In the US, Traces is an excellent example of traceurs making it in show business. That show features "a new form of circus artistry with high energy urban acrobatics fused with elements of contemporary dance, music, theatre, and poetry." It has received critical acclaim from prominent newspapers like the Chicago Tribune and The New York Times, and professional organizations like Off Broadway Alliance.

     Also, back in 2009, Mark Toorock was in charge of choreographing a show for the Washington D.C. studio theatre. At the time,  it was the first “Mainstream” theatre to use parkour as a significant center piece in a production.

    Then there are all the incredible Hollywood stunt men like Paul Darnell who do the stunts and add Parkour to popular movies like The Amazing Spider Man and The Twilight Saga.

     Even Tim 'Livewire' Sheiff made an appearance in an Ellie Goulding music video. He didn't even do any parkour but because of his previous experience it opened the door for this great opportunity

    Five years ago no one could have imagined that Parkour could take off so quickly. Millions of people are being exposed to our discipline through almost all available media, not just YouTube. When Seb did Casino Royal that was innovative. Now it's becoming standard. TV shows ranging from Political Satires to Dramas and comedies all reference parkour.

     It's great that we live in a time where if you are dedicated enough you can live doing what you love, just like Farang, The Tribe, Tempest, and parkour teachers everywhere. 


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Written by Patrick Witbrod   
Tuesday, 26 March 2013 12:22
Last Updated on Tuesday, 26 March 2013 16:05