The Truth About The Mystery Meat

Hot dogs, hamburgers, spam and so much more, a look into the mystery meats of our youth and the effects they have on us.
        Growing up I was always advised to scrap the hamburgers at public picnics and go for the hot dogs instead. Although this advice potentially saved me from such immediate illnesses such as E. coli, the World Cancer Research Fund has found out new information that it has probably increased my risk for cancer by overwhelming numbers.
        I am now 20 years old and consider myself a healthy individual. I maintain healthy exercise key to being a traceur and I (so I thought) eat healthy on a daily basis. This is the illusion I think many of us have and is the reason why the WCRF completely blew me away. If I were to continue eating things included in my normal weekly diet (processed meats) I could potentially be at risk for developing cancer.
        Processed meats come in surprising quantities. They can be found all over grocery stores in the candy section (in the form of beef jerky), to the canned goods section (soups with meat and pasta products with meat), to the actual section with all forms of processed meats from salami to pepperoni, and from bacon to sausage. Now although these foods are generally considered "not bad" when consumed in light quantities, what's ever more probable is the daily consumption of a certain dangerous ingredient found in almost all of these products: sodium nitrite.
        Sodium nitrite is a food additive that not only prevents the risk of botulism but also colors the meat and makes it look more fresh than it may actually be. A meat packers dream. A quick look at the wiki site for sodium nitrite will show a huge contradiction between pros and cons of its use, being labeled first as a potential carcinogen while also claiming its applicability to treat sickle cell anemia and heart attacks in infants.
        Sodium nitrite was found to under-go a chemical reaction which produces nitrosamines – known carcinogens and greatly increase the chances for colon and pancreatic cancer. Taken from the American Institute for Cancer Research article on the subject, "The British review noted a 49 percent increased risk when 25 grams of processed meat (about half a hot dog) is consumed daily."
        According to Mike Adams (the author of the article which brought this to my attention) the USDA did acknowledge the dangers of this additive all the way back in the 70's but were silenced by the meat industry who "insisted the chemical was safe and accused the USDA of trying to 'ban bacon.'"
        After several hours of researching who said this and who believes what, I've decided to retract my previously said statement and rephrase, "I am 20 years old and I will consider myself a healthy individual." A healthy individual with a diet free from these products and a new found activism to not be so passive about these ingredients I cannot pronounce or understand. After all, they may be the reason why our society is so disease ridden or so likely to develop cancer. To stop it, all it may take is one person to simply ask "why?"

Original article by Mike Adams -

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Written by Charles Moreland   
Friday, 14 December 2007 04:57