Parkour and Freerunning Shoe Reviews

Parkour Shoe Reviews

When it comes to your training, shoes are an essential choice. From barefoot parkour training all the way through to the Caddilac of freerunning shoes the $150 K-SWISS Ariake III's, American Parkour members, sponsored athletes, affiliates, Tribe members and staffers have put them all to the test. We've gone through more shoes than a year's worth of marathons! When it comes to testing shoes, few activities will put them through the rigors what the likes of Parkour and freerunning will do to a pair of sneakers! Have a shoe you'd like us to review (be careful, we're brutal to them), send it our way!


The following is a partial listing of parkour shoes we've worn over the years, from protoypes to custom products

Feiyue - Review by Travis Graves

Nike Darts - Review by Cody Robinson

Nike Presto

K-SWISS Ariake

K-SWISS Ariake II Mesh Lite


K-SWISS SI-18 Rannell



Asics Onitsuka Tiger

Merrell Chameleon / Slams

Reebok CrossFit

Kalenji Success

WFPF K/O Know Obstacles

New Balance (Parkour Prototype)

Reebok (Freerunning Prototype)

Addidas My Addidas

Vibram Five Fingers

Five ten Freerunners

Five ten Guide Tennies

Innov-8 F-Lite 311




1 Nike Air Max Edge Shoe Review for Parkour and Freerunning by Trevor de Groot Ashley Wright 6968
2 Asics Onitsuka Tiger 81 Review by Sam Blattner Ashley Wright 5381
3 Puma Faas 300 by Shae Perkins Mark Toorock 3467
4 Nike Dart Parkour Shoe Review by Cody Robinson Mark Toorock 4684
5 Howard Palmer Multi-Shoe Review Mark Toorock 2253
6 Feiyue Parkour Training Shoes Review by Travis Noble Graves Mark Toorock 15634
7 Ariake III Mid Term Review Mark Toorock 7540
8 K-SWISS ARIAKE III Unboxing with Mark Toorock Mark Toorock 2019
9 K-SWISS Ariake II Mesh Lite Review by APK Member Hao Shen Mark Toorock 2098