Feiyue Parkour Training Shoes Review by Travis Noble Graves


I've been training parkour for a little while now (2281 days but who's counting?) and in that time, I've worn a lot of shoes, heard all the shoe arguments, seen "parkour shoes" come into existence, and gone without shoes at all..
Not long ago, APK began carrying the Feiyue training shoes. I wore a pair a few of years ago and liked the feel, so naturally I grabbed a pair and took them for a spin. It wasn't long before I was reminded why my last pair had giant holes in the soles. Going to back to any other shoes now will be difficult; here's why...

Travis Feiyue


CloseupFeiyues have very little cushioning and therefore allow a very true feel of the ground.The ability to feel the ground under your feet is key to balance and precision, and the ability to feel the true force of impacts is key to discerning the proper limits on things like drops which helps maintain healthy joints. Balancing on rails and performing precision jumps becomes a lot easier with more articulation. Putting on more normal shoes after wearing Feiyues for a bit, even fairly flexible and broken-in pairs, feels like standing on a 2x4 strapped to your foot, and shoes with a lot of padding in the back end (Ariakes, KOs, etc.) feels like wearing a high-heeled brick. To the second point, Feiyues allow you to feel impact unmasked by the padding that usually sits between your feet and the ground with most shoes. Knowing and respecting the toll that repeated impact takes on the body is a big part of longevity in parkour. A lot of times, newer practitioners will do drops bigger than their conditioning and experience allows, and while it isn't uncomfortable at first (especially with padded shoes), the accumulated damage adds up and leads to repetitive stress injuries like tendonitis. A shoe with little padding, coupled with a willingness to listen to your body's responses, will help alleviate some of this issue. Training barefoot will also achieve this effect, but having a minimal amount of protection from abrasion opens up a lot of options without sacrificing the feel that barefoot provides.

While the Feiyues have a lot of upside and have been my go-to footwear lately, they do have a few things that aren't ideal, chief among them being the grip. The bottoms of the shoes are a very soft rubber compound that, when broken-in, provide good but not great friction on most surfaces. They are consistent across all material meaning they will stick well on metal, most painted surfaces, concrete and brick, but will predictably slip on slick surfaces like sandy concrete walls. They don't provide the super-human boost on wall-runs that the K-Swiss or 5-Ten shoes allow, but with good technique, similar results can be achieved. The real issue with the grip is it wears through more quickly than most other shoes. This is offset by the price. At around $20 you can buy several pairs of Feiyues for the price of a single pair of other shoes, thus equalizing the lifetime, if not improving on most shoes in terms of $$ per month of usable life.

Jimmy Davidson

Overall, I see the Feiyue shoe as a great shoe for both beginners willing to put in the safe training that builds a strong foundation and also for advanced athletes with the control and experience to deal with lack of cushion and support. The price tag really seals the deal, making the Feiyue an amazing overall parkour shoe, and my personal number 1 in the arsenal right now!


Feiyue Parkour Training Shoes in the American Parkour Online Store

American Parkour Sells Feiyues because we believe in them, they are a great training shoe and a good value. You can pick some up in the APK Online Store.









Photos by The Tribe's official photographerTye Hill. Tye Hill Photography.

Travis Noble Graves is a member of The Tribe professional team the Program Director for American Parkour Academies.

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