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I've been wearing Puma Faas 300's exclusively for almost a year now. Overall they are one of the most well rounded shoes I have trained in and have actually become very popular in the Houston Parkour scene. I have found them to hold up well on pretty much every surface, besides certain metals.

Appearnace- Puma Faas 300's come in at least 15-20 differnet colors so you are bound to find one you find a atractive. The shoes are very birght with bold color schemes, and while this is awesome, sometimes the colors are a bit obnoxious. But for the most part they look great and you could even wear them to social events. 9/10


Tech- The shoe is made of very thin, light weight cloth with some parts covered in a layer of mesh. The mesh, particularly at the toes tends to rip after 6 months of solid training, but other than that I have never had any of the other material rip any were else on the shoe. 8/10

Grip- The grip on concrete, stone, wood, grass, mulch, etc is amazing even when wet. I've hit some of my biggest wall runs, tacs, and cats wearing them. But because of the extrememly soft material the sole

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Durability- Overall the durability of the Puma Faas 300's are awesome, I've seen them stay in pretty good shape for 6 months to a year with mild to heavy training. The only problem is once the grip on the bottom wears down the shoe becomes downright dangerous on metal. 7/10s are made of they don't do so well on metal, particularly painted or polished metal. And this problem gets much worse as the tread wears flat. 7/10

Comfort- The shoes are super comfortable and light weight. This is honeslty one of the biggest reasons I get them. They barely weigh anything. Thin enough soles to feel landings with yor toes, but still thick enough to take pretty healthy height drops. I have no problem tricking/tumbling/flipping in them either. 9/10


Padding- For someone who is used to Feiyus they're going to have ten fold the padding, but compared to most running shoes/ trainers these days, they're quite thin. 8/10

Flexibility- Unbelievably flexible. You can roll the entire shoe up like a bottle of toothpaste. 9/10

Meat- The Puma Faas 300's are amazing. They're super light weight and comfy, look pretty cool, and are super durable. They are pretty great all around shoes for jumping, climbing, flipping etc. The grip issue on metal is far out-weighed by the 

parkour shoe review puma faas 300 1The only problem is that Puma actually does not make them any more so they are not in stores. But I have found plenty of pairs on Amazon, Ebay, etc for 40-75$. These shoes have become a cult favorite in the Houston Parkour scene and because of our work with Yamakasi, you'll notice they have become pretty popular in France too. I give the shoes and 8/10.

positives attributes of the shoe. 

My name is Shae Perkins. I have been training for about 6 years now out of Houston, Texas.

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Written by Mark Toorock   
Monday, 20 August 2012 11:43
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