Parkour Is... A Philisophical Look

Community News American Parkour loves to hear what the community thinks. A few days ago, a member (who prefered to remain anonymous) sent in this, his philisophical take on what parkour is. According to this user, Parkour is...

Parkour is a way of life. It allows you to explore endless opportunities in life and discover meaning. It gives you something to look forward to experiencing after school, work etc. Parkour also helps one make decisions both physical and mental. It gives you a chance to forget about everything going on around you and lets you focus on your surroundings. It also lets you focus on your weaknesses and learn to either subdue or overcome them. Parkour allows you to be free both in the physical and mental sense and in doing so helps you see life as never before. Finally it gives you the ability to “Be strong to be useful”.


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 Parkour is like the flow of a gentle stream in summer. It’s like a word of encouragement from your hero. It’s like cup of cold water on an unusually hot day. It’s the sound of your feet slapping the cement. It’s the feeling you get when you accomplish a difficult move. It’s sacrificing that extra slice of chocolate cake to keep your body healthy. Parkour is the feeling of watching the sun rise during your training. Parkour is never giving up no matter how difficult your goal might seem. It’s coming to the end of the day with the satisfaction of knowing that there was not one wasted moment in your day. It’s “leaving no trace”. Finally it’s realizing what you are really meant for.

Probably not all of us can relate to every one of these experiences, myself included, but let’s try to put more effort into enjoying life (and parkour) more. Let’s try to make a positive image of parkour by respecting others, offering encouragement and advice to other traceurs, and helping the environment by picking up trash, being careful not to damage property, leaving a spot how you found it, and other similar actions. Last of all let’s try to leave a trace of ourselves by leaving our training spots better than they were before. Train safe and train hard.

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Written by Zachary Cohn   
Thursday, 01 October 2009 03:28
Last Updated on Monday, 13 December 2010 22:00