The Weekend Rant

    So it's the weekend, and the whole world is your oyster. What are the options? What will you do? Often the over-abundance of options are your own worst enemy in this quest for decision. Too much to do can lead to doing nothing. Lost amidst the questions both what? and when? can be a trap that catches the best of us.

    Here's some motivation. Every last second may be your final moment on this do SOMETHING! If you're unsure of your decision and you feel like taking your time weighing the options, make sure that the options are either so great or so horrible that they are worth wasting your last living moment as a conscious part of this reality. Otherwise, you could end up leading a life of unfinished decisions, a trail of unused options laying amidst endless opportunities. This is the greatest sin, no matter what your faith or philosphy, to take the greatest gift that you could be given and putting it on hold until you waste it.

    Now, at this moment, take the first weakness that pops into your mind and take action to fix it. NO! Stop thinking about it, running through some long list to categorize these options into the most-practical course of action. Stand up, put on your shoes, and head outside THIS MOMENT. If your weakness is mental, then don't make an action-item list to fix it, rather, jump in head first, trying something, ANYTHING to move closer to unattainable perfection.

    But what if it's dangerous? What is most dangerous...taking a chance at improvement through action, or ensuring stagnation through indecision? Red pill or blue pill, in or out, just make it happen, quit the debating, whining, indecision. Forget the propensity towards becoming nothing, and instead reach out and have everything.
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Written by Jesse Woody   
Saturday, 16 September 2006 11:39
Last Updated on Monday, 13 December 2010 22:02