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This was posted in the forums by Strydzz, but deserves to be an article. For those that don't know him, Strydzz suffered a terrible injury to his ankle this past year while training in a gym on a move that he is very capable of. It was an unfortuante fluke accident. Instead of getting down about it, his road to recovery has been an inspiration to everyone here at APK, and I'm sure everyone in the Parkour community. His insights in this article are too good not to share! Read more for the article.

So often I hear people complain about life and all of their problems that they face everyday. There is always a problem at school, or at work, or at home. It is rare to hear the upsides to life. How often do you ask someone "hey how was your day?" and get back a response that entails what is wrong rather than what is right? I am not out to say that everybody is negative, but it seems that in our high pressure society the bad out weighs the good. I think that it is just human nature; we want to address what is wrong so we can make it right. But, is what we address as wrong really wrong?

In the last couple of months I have had a lot of time on my hands due to my injury, and I have used that time to think and really evaluate the person I am. I will be the first to admit that I often looked at the ‘wrongs’ or negative aspects of my life way too often without looking at what was right. I have quickly come to the realization that this is no way to live. I am now trying to take every aspect of my life and turn it into something I can learn and take in. This may all sound cliché, but so be it, this is me defining myself.
It took my injury as a catalyst to start the reaction that leads towards a better life.

It has been hard to digest the fact that one moment of carelessness defined the rest of my life, because I will never have the same foot I once had. I re-play my injury over and over every night before I go to bed, it is like a bad dream that never ends. So much heartache and I feel like I let myself down, and I am glad it all happened. This has now given me the chance to rebuild myself mentally and physically to be ten times better than I was. I don’t look at this as a set back; I now look at it as a step forward. I now have a reason to get up everyday and push the shit out of myself to be wiser, stronger, and better than I was the day before. The doctor has told me the odds are stacked against me and he doesn’t even know if I will ever run again. When I heard that, I wallowed in self pity. Now, it puts a smile on my face. I say bring it on, because I am going to tackle the odds and come up on top, and everyone can mark my words on that.

It is a shame it took my injury for this change to come about, but that’s the way the dice were rolled. That is also why I am writing this now. I don’t want to tell people they need to change, because they might be happy with the way their lives are. But I do challenge every reader of this piece of writing to go out and find what defines them. Forget the negatives, forget the wrongs, and just go find what makes you happy. Go through one day and turn everything negative that comes at you into something positive. Learn from it, and be constructive with what is given to you, because you are getting the chance to live a better life. You will cross paths with adversity, but when fear looks you in the eyes, stare back with courage, give it the middle finger and press on.

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Written by Strydzz   
Monday, 25 September 2006 08:06
Last Updated on Monday, 13 December 2010 22:02