Chi Running

By: Mark Toorock

This is the start of a "book of the whenever" ... just a place ot talk about books related to health or fitness or philosophy, or that somehow tie in to Parkour. (More...) 

Introduction: Running Lessons from a T'ai Chi Master

Not long ago, I was running past a grade school. It was a warm, late-spring day, and the kids were out on recess. They were busy playing tag and chasing balls and just doing what kids do best -- running around. I stopped to take a swig of water from my bottle, and as I watched the flurry of little legs, I was reminded once again why I love to watch kids run. Every one of them had perfect running form: a nice lean, a great stride opening up behind them, heels high in the air, relaxed arm swing and shoulders. They had it all! One of my biggest desires as a coach is to help adults learn to run like they did as kids. It's such a natural movement when kids do it. It looks so effortless and joyful. Many books about running tell you to just go out and run like you did as a kid. There's just one problem with that suggestion: You don't have the same body today that you did back then. If you do, I'd like you to be my teacher.

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I'm starting it tonight, inspired by my 5k run as part of todays Workout of the Day. My wife read this book about a year ago when we were training (well, she was training) for the Disney Marathon. If only I'd read it too, and done a little training, I may have avoided a day in a wheelchair!

Now we're setting our sights on the Marine Corps Marathon in Washington DC next October, so I'll still need what this book has to offer. From the little I know of it now, it may just help to avoid injuries in Parkour as well.

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Written by Mark Toorock   
Monday, 28 November 2005 15:01
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