Sebastien Foucan's "Find Your Way" Review

By: Levi Meeuwenberg

For a long time Sebastien has spoken about wanting to write a book expressing his ideas and philosophies. Available now is his first creation; Freerunning - Find Your Way

Freerunning - Find Your Way











Don’t be fooled by the title, the book isn’t really about freerunning. You won’t learn how to do a climb-up, nor will you learn any good conditioning drills. Instead, Seb conveys the life lessons he has learned from his journey and from his discipline, freerunning.

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At first glance the book’s bright, explosive cover captures the energy of its author. The unconventional landscape layout works well with the highly visual style of the book. Every page has a beautiful full color photograph from Seb’s travels and training (Many of them recognizable). About half of the pages contain a short line of advice in big bold text. The others have the bold text plus a paragraph going into detail about this lesson and how Sebastien learned it in his life. At 128 pages that makes the book a very quick, but enjoyable read.

The book is broken into 4 parts. Part 1 is titled ‘First Steps’ and focuses on taking advantage of the moment and initiating things in your life. One page heading is, “Don’t wait for the right time.” I found this to be a vital point because I sometimes fall victim to the mentality of always waiting for just the right moment before acting. Seb explains that this ‘right moment’ doesn’t exist and we have to take advantage of the many opportunities that open to us each day. Also in this part Seb talks about not competing and having a positive mindset.

 In Part 2, called ‘Try, Try Again,’ Seb speaks about persistence and gradually reaching goals. He also stresses the importance of always having an open mind and learning from everyone and every discipline, and creating your own path to follow instead of following others.

Part 3, ‘Obstacles’ recounts how freerunning can teach us that obstacles are a part of our path, and how to apply the mentality of overcoming them to our everyday life. He also mentions risk, and knowing your limits. One particular lesson that resonated with me was ‘When you’re doing something different, you are alone most of the time.’ You shouldn’t change your path, and who you are just to have company.

In the final part, titled ‘Freedom’ Seb talks about how to live in freedom by being inspired, trying new perspectives, and finding and following your own way. He explains that perfection doesn’t exist and we should instead strive to find harmony with ourselves and our environment.

Many traceurs and freerunners are sure to relate directly to the ideas in this book from their own personal experience. Some of the lessons he explains are one’s we have learned for ourselves in our training, or from other practitioners. But there is still much to learn about Sebastien’s life and thoughts that can be applied to our own lives. Just keep in mind; don’t follow in anyone else’s footsteps. Take what lessons everyone may have to offer, discard the bad, and create something new in their synthesis; your own way.

-Levi Meeuwenberg

 [edit - So I (Zachary Cohn) decided to buy it after this review, and still lists it as pre-order. I ended up ordering it from (the British version of Amazon) for a total of $23 after shipping. Click here for the link to the version of the site.]

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Written by Zachary Cohn   
Wednesday, 15 October 2008 02:32
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