APK Product Review - Zip-Off Pants

By: Terry McIntosh

Terry McIntosh, who trains in parkour and Judo (recently winning medals at regional tournaments) at Primal Fitness, grabbed some of these and was compelled to write a review:

Walking into primal fitness one day, I noticed a box of pants.  Mark informed me that they were the new parkour pants being sold on APK.  Upon picking up a pair of black parkour pants, I was told that they where rip stop, zip to shorts, cargo pants.  Feeling the pants and looking at the stitching, I believed the "rip stop" claim right away.  The most amazing thing i noticed about the pants was their sleek look.  I instantly made a comment that I could throw on a tie and jacket, where them to work, and no one would notice (unless they where looking way to hard at my pants).  I tried them on and they felt warm enough for winter training but, when i unzipped them and made them shorts, felt fully comfortable for summer training.  I ended up getting pants with the bright orange apk logo so I may not be able to get away with wearing them to a wedding or work, but the logo also comes in more subtle blue, white, to barely noticable black.
So, they look good and feel good, but how do they perform?  Yoga class was the first test.  I usually wear shorts or lose athletic pants so i was sceptical about testing these pants during a high mobility yoga class.  However, I did not notice any restriction of movement.  I was not getting hot while wearing them either and I had no chaffing or bunching.  The next test was some pk practice.  The pants easily get an A+ on the parkour test and easily live up to the name parkour pants.  A perfect combination of looseness without going all over the place.  In the end, these [parkour] everyday pants are essential for any Christmas/ holiday wish list.
Editor's note: There is one small discrepancy, it is actually the Capris which are rip stop, the zip-offs are just very heavy duty. Rip-stop is a stitching pattern that creates little squares in the fabric so that a rip only goes to the next 1/4" border in the fabric. I thnk Terry first held the black capris but then went with the zip-offs.

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Written by Mark Toorock   
Thursday, 20 November 2008 00:51
Last Updated on Friday, 29 January 2010 05:23