Thinking Body, Dancing Mind

By: Jesse Woody

Taosports for extraordinary performance in athletics, business and life.

This book examines and teaches methods to strengthen the all-important mind-body link in human performance, with techniques to overcome any mental or physical obstacle in your chosent path through dedicated mental training...



We all participate in cycles of change. In traditional Chinese learning, the cyclic transformation of all aspects of life is understood as a process of constant movement. This process is the Tao--the Dance, the Sport and the Business of our many ways of being in this world. 

Almost two years ago, Dr. Jerry Lynch approached me to join him in a further exploration of the Tao. We undertook to use the Tao as metaphor and vehicle to break through old psychological boundaries and attitudes that limit achievement, to arrive at a new synthesis of East and West, to unite sport and the business of living. We wish to offer you a visual and kinetic language that will enable you to use your body and your mind as participants in a creative process, to become the best you can be, to engage the Tao in sport and sport in Tao--the TaoSport as the ultimate dance of life.

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I picked up this book based purely on my interest in Taoism as a philosophy and practice, knowing little about the actual content. Once I got home and started reading it, I knew I had an excellent resource for Traceurs amongst pretty-much every other possible person in the world. This book deals with enhancing the mind/body connection through visualization and mental exercises that will help you realize your true physical potential.

This can seem odd when you are healthy, but when an injury sets you back, it's hard to return to a positive outlook, which makes recovery that much slower. With chapters ranging from the Foundation and Relaxation to specifics on Intuition, Fear, Slumps, Fatigue, Injuries and Self-Criticism amongst MANY others, this is a tireless resource for ANYONE who wishes to unlock their true potential in anything they do. I would recommend this to anybody wishing to pursue Parkour as more than just a game (though even then this book will make it more fun).

Written by Chungliang Al Huang and Jerry Lynch

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Written by Jesse Woody   
Tuesday, 14 March 2006 12:10
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