Creating a Photo Album on APK PDF Print E-mail
So you spent all summer taking pics of yourself doing fun stuff ... this guide will show you how to create a new photo album in the APK Photo Gallery to share your Parkour and Freerunning pictures. You must be a registered member to create a photo album. Read more for detailed instructions.

1. From the top of the APK Home Page, click on "Photo Gallery" - it is also on the Main Menu under "Media"

 American Parkour Photo Gallery

2. In the Photo Gallery, click on the "Member" album.

 Member Album

3. From the left-hand menu, select "Add Album"

 Add Album

4. Enter the name -please use your APK member name only-, Title, Summary, Keywords, and optionally a long description for your album, then click "Create"

 Name your Parkour Photo Album

5. You will get a message that your album has been created successfully.

 Photo Album Created

6.  From the left-hand menu, select "Add Items"

 Add Items

7. There are many upload options. If you are adding just a few photos (say less than 5) use the default screen to browse to your cmputer and upload them.

 Upload Browser

8. If you have a lot of photos, use this screen instead, it is a Java-Based applet that allows you to drag and drop photos and add captions, get there by selecting the "Upload Applet" tab. 

 Picture Upload Applet

9. Please select "Resize Pictures Before Upload", then click "Upload"

Resize your pictures

10. You may get a warning about Imagemagic - click OK. 

 ImageMagick Warning - Click OK

11. When asked to resize your pictures, select "Resize in GR" and click "Don't display this warning again". 

 Resize your Parkour photos

12. Click on your new album! When you go to the gallery your album will be the last one, so it may be on page 2 or three or 17. No, email your friends to look at your album on APK! 

Click your new Parkour Photo Album


New Parkour Photo Album