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APK Certification

American Parkour runs the most comprehensive training and certification program for those wishing to coach others through movement. Upon completion of the course, candidates are able to teach safe, effective practice, structure training sessions and even complete programs using APK's proven curriculum which has been developed over the last 10 years. APK Certified instructors teach in some of the best parkour training facilities across the country. True to it's cause, APK also offers the certification program for free to two college students every time we run the certification. This is APK's way of giving back to the community and ensuring that college programs have safe, structured curriculums and knowdlegable, experienced coaches in place. Here is a list of those coaches who have been certified to instruct others in Parkour by American Parkour Academies.



Program Administrator: Travis Graves       

Travis has been teaching parkour for over 6 years, making him one of the most experienced and skilled instructors in the US. In 2006, as the founder of the nation’s first officially recognized parkour club at a major University , The University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, he began teaching regularly attended and officially sanctioned parkour training at the infancy of the concept. After more than two years honing his abilities there, the opportunity arose to turn his volunteer efforts into a full-time job as head instructor and program director for parkour at Primal Fitness, the world’s first parkour gym. In his 4 years as a full-time professional instructor, he has taught parkour to everyone from elementary schoolers , to military personnel (including the White House Marine Security Force)  and everyone in between; even teaching a  month-long parkour unit in a 6th grade gym class every semester.

Travis is a MovNat Certified Trainer and the Administrator of the American Parkour Instructor Certification Program.

As well as being a sought-after parkour teacher, Travis maintains a world-class level of skill, performing parkour and freerunning across the US and around the world as well as competing on the hit TV show Jump City Seattle and becoming a finalist on the NBC aired American Ninja Warrior!





November 10 2011- American Parkour Academy Washington, DC

Drew DrechselAmerican Parkour Academy Gainesville, FL

Drew Drechsel is 23 years old and has been training Parkour and Freerunning for over 9 years. He has been an APK Certified Instructor for almost 3 years. Drew has been featured on the TV show Jump City Seattle and two episodes of American Ninja Warrior.

 Drew Drechsel


Jereme SandersAmerican Parkour Academy San Antonnio, TX





May 26th 2012 - American Parkour Academy Washington, DC

Andy Taylor - Zoic Nation Parkour Orlando, FL

Andy has blue hair and likes bars.





Caitlin Pontrella - New York Parkour



Collin Cooper - Gleason's Gymnastics Eagan, MN




Chad Zwadlo - Fight or Flight Academy Edina, MN

Chad Zwadlo has been training parkour since the summer of 2002.  Before that he trained up to the level of 2nd degree black belt in American Freestyle Karate.  He has also had extensive training in various weapons as well as movie stunts.  He taught karate in Wisconsin for 5 years before moving to Minnesota to run a very successful freerunning program at a gymnastics school for 3 years and help found the Minnesota Parkour (MNPK) community.  Currently he is one of the owners and head instructors of Fight or Flight Academy and member of the Tribe professional parkour team.  Level 1 APK Instructor Certified.





Josh Russo                   

It all started many years ago, when as a small boy, I saw Travis Noble Graves on Jump City: Seattle... I was immidiately enthralled by his stunningly blue eyes. I knew at that moment that I must become an APK certified instructor! I must, so that I could get close to Travis, in hopes that, one day, maybe, he would acknowledge my existence. Then, i could consider my life, and my dream of being legit at parkour, completed. How's that?





Mitchell Andrejka - Fight or Flight Academy Edina, MN         

Mitch Andrejka has been training since the fall of 2005. He is of the founding members and leaders of the Minnesota Parkour (MNPK) community. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin – River Falls with a B.A in Applied Physics and a minor in Mathematics. While attending school, he founded the UWRF Parkour and Freerunning Club, where he gained 3 years teaching experience. He also was an active member and president (1 year) of the UWRF Breakdance club. After graduation, he started teaching freerunning out a gymnastics school for one year before opening Fight or Flight Academy. Mitch is currently one of the owners and head instructors of Fight or Flight Academy.








Phillip Pirollo -Pinnacle Parkour Berlin, NJ          

A Nationally Certified Fitness Professional with a BA in Exercise Science from Rowan University, Phillip Pirollo began his professional life in 2002 focusing on Personal Training, Group Exercise, Martial Arts, and now Parkour Training. Pirollo has specialized in obstacle course training for US Military personnel from the Army, Marines, and Air Force as well as local, state, and federal law enforcement. As the co-founder of The Pinnacle Parkour Academy, Pirollo takes pride in developing the mind and body of Parkour athletes of ALL ages. He was also a finalist on NBC's 2012 hit television series "American Ninja Warrior".






Sanda Mong - University of Michigan Parkour Club



Zachary Nemec - Virginia Tech Parkour Club


June 29 2012 - American Parkour Academy Washington, DC


Andrew Choflet -Oral Roberts University Parkour Club          


With over 10 years of experience between gymnastics, tumbling, free running, parkour, and tricking, Andrew Choflet upholds positive and encouraging rhetoric and loves to see people developing their potentialBefore going to Oral Roberts University (ORU) to study both Multimedia and Business, he was developing the central Jersey parkour community, and has since been involved with several national gatherings, and trained alongside with industry professionals such as from APK, ANW, WFPF, and APEX. During his first semester at ORU, he founded an officially sanctioned parkour club (ORU FREE) where he is still president. He has also taught at several different facilities and students from as young as 6, to adults in their mid-40s.





Ari Mazziotta - Fighting Trim Washington, DC                                   

My name is Ari Mazziotta and I have been training in numerous athletic disciplines such as gymnastics, martial arts, and track &field since I was quite young. My specialty is in personal athletic training using the principles of Parkour and functional fitness. In 2012 I created a non-profit organization called Arkour Fitness to encourage adults to go outside and challenge themselves with tough hikes to overcome their fears and to become more active. I also created a class called Parkour EVO, which uses parkour conditoning, techniques, and philosophies to provide a fun and intense full body workout. I currently study Exercise Science at Towson University and have a personal training certification.






Chris Wilczewski - The Warrior Lab Hainesport, NJ



Keith Mylett - The Kalani Parkour Klub Oahu, HI                 

Keith Mylett is the owner/instructor of Keiki Parkour.  His training began with Ozzi and the other instructors of Hawaii Parkour.  Keith completed two Hawaii Parkour 6 week bootcamps and attends HIPK classes somewhat regularly.  Last year, Keith become the adviser of the first Hawaii public high school parkour club, the Kalani Parkour Club which is still going strong in its second year.  In the summer of 2012, Keith successfully completed the American Parkour Instructor Certification Program under Travis at the APK headquarters in Washington D.C.  In that same summer he led the first ever parkour workshop at the Great Blue Heron Music Festival in Western NY.  Keith started Keiki Parkour in September 2012.  He is a long time public middle and high school English/yearbook teacher and the proud father of a five year old traceur.
Keith Mylett
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it "                                                       

Keith Mylett




Peter Waterman - American Parkour Academy Washington, DC                 

A slightly overweight IT executive in his mid 30's, Pete proves the point that parkour isn't just for those at their physical peak. For Pete, training parkour isn't a competition to be better than anyone else - it's about self improvement, stepping outside your comfort zone, and pushing yourself mentally and physically to try new things. It's about getting your body off the ground in a controlled environment with great people and positive feedback... then walking home flush with excitement for what you did today and what you'll do tomorrow.






October 17 2012 - American Parkour Academy Washington, DC


Michael Bernier- Auburn University Parkour Club, Auburn Alabama

"My name is Michael Bernier (Tic Tac Master) I'm a highly organized, dedicated traceur with more than seven years of experience. I have a thorough understanding for all Parkour movements and I'm able to effectively train anyone around me. My background in martial arts, military, and training through American Parkour provide more than enough structure for every class. I hope to further expand the Parkour community." - Michael Beriner

Michael Bernier 



Josef Navrot

Expect no fancy words here. I simply love to develop my personal skills and help others to do the same. I love to teach, and it is in my personal nature to be encouraging, approachable and helpful. I enjoy helping people reach their training goals, adapting my teaching methods to fit YOU and what will help you the most. I despise showing off, destructive criticism, and abrasive language. Here in Alaska we encourage community, friendship and humility.

If you're in Alaska and interested in parkour, contact me and come train with other local Alaskan traceurs. We're like a big happy family. With polar bears.

-Josef Navrot



Ryan Stratis

Age: 29

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Occupation: Personal Trainer

Background:      - 11 years prior service in the Georgia Army National Guard
                          - Extensive knowledge on Army Physical Fitness Program and military obstacle course negotiation
                          - 4 time competitor on G4's / NBC's American Ninja Warrior
                          - One of the top 10 finalists in ANW season 3 making it to Stage 3 on the Sasuke 27 course in Japan                        
                          - In-depth knowledge of try out process and what it takes to make it on the show
                          - 3 years training Parkour

Ryan Stratis




Renato Varga


Courtney Venuti


Courtney has been training parkour for 2 years around the Southern New Jersey and Philadelphia communities.  She currently teaches at 2 gyms in South Jersey and is an active member of the Philadelphia Parkour community.  Courtney has a bachelors degree from The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey in business and marketing.  She has a background in gymnastics, track and swimming and is a motivated, organized individual.  Courtney takes all of her strengths and applies them to her training and teaching.  Promoting safety and values is just as important as teaching movements.  Courtney looks forward to growing along with parkour, and seeing where it will go in the future.


George “Yajyuu” Harley

I live in Maryland and I started training in Parkour in2007 and became more serious with the art as I
ended high school and began college where I expanded and began to learn Tricking and Freerunning as
well. I teach at my college UMBC to those who are willing to learn. I push myself in the art and began
the 365 challenge as well to push myself even further. I’m training so that this art will be my own as my
style adapts it. I have a martial arts background in Budo Taijutsu and am still training in the art as well so
expect to see a few things exhibited as my style grows.

I eagerly await the chance to meet and work with new people that this art allows me to. I look forward
to training with you soon.

My General Training areas; (Prince George’s County, DC, Baltimore)

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