Gate Vault

A vault in which the top half of your body goes over the object, grasping something on the other side, where the rest of your body comes over in a motion similar to a handspring. A good vault for a high object where it is easier to get your top half over and then have a handhold to slow your descent.

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1. 28-11-2007 09:04

These vaults look great

2. 18-04-2008 05:44


3. 06-09-2008 14:50

to Aviator1911: 
I think it's pretty visual. 
You just gotta imagine it happening then u try.

4. 03-12-2008 06:29

I didn't understand this at all.

5. 05-02-2009 08:55

so your practicly goig over one object then grab another on the other side of the jump?

6. 19-02-2009 13:12

Basically, start with the top of the fence/gate/rail about waist height, rotate on your hips over the obstacle, upper hand remaining at the top. With your other hand, reach downward and grasp a lower point on the obstacle. Supporting your weight on your arms now, bring your hips off the obstacle and flip your legs downward.

7. 02-04-2009 15:49

we don't use it . we think it's to impracticable.

8. 24-06-2009 14:18 v=EtRiP5Ci5Vo

9. 22-02-2010 12:21

:? that made no sense

10. 25-08-2010 09:48

if you guys wanna see a good example of a gate vault, there's an awesome video on youtube namedparkour vaults". in the vid are very good examples of basic and advanced movements including a gate vault

11. 18-11-2010 07:22

Here's a tutorial to gate vault. And also how to overcome your fear of flipping. v=M8mrq_HtyRk

12. 01-12-2010 00:04

My fav.

13. 27-03-2013 01:34

Still working on that vault. It hurts if you don't get it right.

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