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Parkour Academy 700

Washington, DC


Parkour - the discipline of training your body and mind by getting over physical obstacles. The most fun way to get and stay in shape!

Parkour training has all the benefits of training in marital arts disciplines, plus a freedom and creativity element that are not found in any other discipline. You could call it the art of play.

APK Academy is the world's first parkour gym, founded in 2005. We have trained thousands of students safely and effectively with our fun, proven curriculum.



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Who and Why?

Parkour classes are great for fun and fitness for people ranging from 6 years old to 106 years old. Parkour training is scaled to your ability, whether you're an elite athlete or have a few pounds to shed, we make sure your workout is appropriate for your level, and everyone progresses together.

Parkour and freerunning training are a great way to stay fit and have fun doing it. There is not the monotony of weighlifting or jogging endlessly on a treadmill with no results, instead each class is fun, challenging, and the results are very clear.

Through parkour training people gain not only physical capabilities such as balance, agility, strengh and stamina, but also the mental aspects which are equally important, self confidence, patience, and persistence.


Classes to suit everyone

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Kids Parkour

Kids Gymnastics


Personal Training






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What are classes like?

While most classes are held indoors, we often go outside when the weather is nice.

Check out this video of our level one classes and sign up today to get in the best shape of your life without ever thinking the word "exercise"!





How it makes you feel

Adam, a Federal Agent says "I've learned to vault, flip, roll, and land like a ninja."

Jim Bathurst of Beastskills.com says "This is the best business to occupy an old firehouse since Ghostbusters. Check them out.""They've even built a variety of unique obstacles to work with."

LeeAnn O, a DC Attorney says: "The thing about parkour is that its fun.  You almost forget its a workout because it brings it back to being a kid."

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Taught by Experienced Professionals

Classes are taught by experienced professionals who have appeared in American Ninja Warrior, Jump City: Seattle, as well as performing all over the world for clients like Mercedes-Benz and K-SWISS.

See the Bio for Progam Director Travis Graves

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Possibly the coolest place on the planet

Classes are held at APK Academy's headquarters in Washington DC at Primal Fitness gym, housed in a historic 1895 firehouse, in a purpose built studio for parkour complete with boxes, rails, mats, moveable and fixed obstacles to create an infinite playground / training ground. Classes may be held outdoors.




Be Prepared

To Prepare for class, simply wear comfortable athletic clothing and bring a water bottle. Please have your signed waiver ready and be 15 minutes early for your first session.

Adult Waiver | Minor Waiver




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Location, Location, Location

We're easily accessible via the metro! Green / Yellow Lines: 5 blocks from Convention Center / Mount Vernon Square. Red line: 6 Blocks from New York Ave.

219 M ST NW
Washington, DC 20001
(949) 415-4275




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