The Wallrun

This tutorial is a trimmed down version of the full tutorial which will be available on the Tribe Tutorial DVD. After the DVD is released we will begin to publish the full versions on the website.


A wallrun is a way to ascend a wall by using one or more steps to propel your body.

A wallrun can be one of the most useful techniques to overcome an obstacle, most specifically when the obstacle is too high to vault or jump over.

To run up a wall, it takes a few simple things; speed, timing, and a solid push off. To begin the movement, you must have a good run up. Around ten to twelve feet will be sufficient to ascend any wall you are attempting. By running directly at the wall, you will be able to transfer your momentum into going straight up the wall.


Your first step should be slightly higher than if you  raised your leg straight in front of you, this will cause you to jump a off the ground and put all of your weight into the foot on the wall.


Use the front of your foot to push up off the wall. You should be pushing with just your toes, not your whole foot. Be sure to get your entire body over your push off foot, otherwise the direction of your movement will be thrown off.  When you hit the wall, you should be pushing no farther than forty-five degrees out from the wall, this will ensure that you are always moving up the wall instead of away from it.


If necessary bring up your other foot for a second step. The next step is much like the first, except it usually acts more as a stabilizer for your momentum than a propellant.


As you begin to hit the peak of your wall run, raise your arms up and reach for the ledge or rail that you are aiming for.

As you grasp the top, try to keep your feet between the wall and yourself. This will stop you from slamming into the wall which may cause you to lose your grip. Also, it will allow you to kick up as soon as you grab the top, allowing you to continue your movement without halting.


To top out over the wall takes several actions. First, you must pull yourself up by using upper body strength and by pushing off the wall with your feet. You want to get as much of your body above your arms as possible. Next, kick one leg back while you push with your arms. This will get your hips up and make it easier to efficiently vault or plant on top of the wall. If you can’t perform this technique, try to get one foot on the top of the wall as fast as possible. Try to never use your knees to get on top of the wall!


This movement is a very basic but essential thing to master. Variations and progressions of this movement include two or three steps and pop vaults.


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Written by Frosti   
Friday, 16 December 2005 13:29
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