The Underbar

Underbar Tutorial

This tutorial is a trimmed down version of the full tutorial which will be available on the Tribe Tutorial DVD. After the DVD is released we will begin to publish the full versions on the website.

An underbar is generally described as the passing between two objects, in which you jump, pass through the obstacles, and land on the other side. The most common situations to use an underbar include through rails, trees, scaffolding, and more.

Run towards the obstacle with a decent pace. Spot your target obstacle and be sure not to stutter step while approaching.


When you are a few feet away from the obstacle, take off of one foot to enter the move. Get your arms up and ready to grab the obstacle.


In mid-jump, your feet should move in front of your body, but not fully extended. Start to lean back your torso and begin to go through the obstacle feet first.


Once your feet have begun to pass through the space, grab the obstacle with both hands like you would if you were to do a pull up (both palms facing outwards, hands about shoulder width apart).


As you pass through the object, simultaneously, lean your torso back, pull your body through with your arms, and kick UP and OUT with your legs. To perform this part of the move most efficiently takes some coordination and experimentation. This motion is similar to a kip up.


Once your body has safely passed through the obstacle, lean forward so that you land in an upright position, let go with your hands, and land one leg at a time to continue in stride.

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Written by Demon   
Sunday, 25 December 2005 09:25
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