The Dash Vault

Dash Vault Tutorial

This tutorial is a trimmed down version of the full tutorial which will be available on the Tribe Tutorial DVD. After the DVD is released we will begin to publish the full versions on the website.


A Dash vault involves running at a wall or rail between waist and chest height and jumping legs first over the obstacle, planting your hands at the last second to push off. The entire motion resembles river water splashing over a rock. This vault is great for situations where you need a good amount of extra distance on the other side of the object, specifically a precise landing as you can see your feet. 




run at the obstacle, how far you take off from the obstacle will vary on your speed. Usually you'll want your forward foot to be between 4 and 6 feet away from the obstacle.


Once your left leg is the appropriate distance from the obstacle, begin lifting your right knee up, utilizing the momentum from that lift to augment a powerful jump off of your left leg. You'll want to take off once your right knee is about on level with your waist. Remember to get as much momentum upwards and outwards as you can. Keep in mind you want to come as close to sitting on the object as you can, almost skimming it.



As soon as you've taken off of the ground, begin bringing both of your legs upwards and in front of you. The final goal is to have your body in an L shape with your legs together and slightly bent at the knees.



Once your legs are out in front of you in the L shape, feet and butt parralel to the ground, your torso will probably be almost above the object. Start bringing your hands down to your sides in order to push off / grab the obstacle.



You'll want your hands to plant down onto the object when your shoulders are right above the object. Legs still slightly bent at the knees and together out in front of you.



As soon as your hands land on the obstacle push off with your arms and extend your legs and kick out to get maximum distance. Your hands and arms will be behind your body when they leave.



After "kicking off" you'll want to land on the balls / front of your feet and roll or keep on running. If you decide to land on two feet at the same time, remember to absorb and control your forward momentum into your outstretched legs into a slight crouch before running off.


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Written by Brian Belida   
Sunday, 25 December 2005 09:26
Last Updated on Thursday, 22 November 2012 09:37