The Monkey/Kong Vault

Monkey / Kong Vault Tutorial

This tutorial is a trimmed down version of the full tutorial which will be available on the Tribe Tutorial DVD. After the DVD is released we will begin to publish the full versions on the website.

The monkey vault is a basic vault with many useful applications

Approaching the rail with moderate speed. Its your first time so don't go too fast. Be sure you are approaching the rail in a straight line.


Squat Position. Feet planted right before you get to the rail. Both feet should be shoulder with apart and the rest of your body should be in the squat position right before you are going to vault the rail with your arms at your side. Be sure not to be in this position too close to the rail, you want to reach for it a little.


Hand placement on rail. Your hand placement should be the same as your hand placement when gripping handlebars on a bike. Thumbs can be over or under the rail by your preference. Your hands also must be wider than your shoulder width.


Pre-vault. As you pull your body up with your hands, use your feet as well to give you more spring. Lean forward and tuck your legs up.


Vault. Since your hands and arms are farther than should width apart, your legs and feet must pass through in between your arms. Be sure you are still leaned forward a bit and your legs are tucked. Your quads should almost be hitting your chest.


Post-Vault. As soon as your legs pass completely over the rail you can let go of the rail with your hands. The rest of your body can now untuck a bit.
Your arms will be trailing behind you a little bit.


Landing. This all depends on speed and height which is further explained by Exo. But since monkey vaults are very straight in nature, they are fairly easy to land everytime.



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Written by Ando   
Sunday, 25 December 2005 09:28
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