The Reverse Vault

Reverse Vault Tutorial

This tutorial is a trimmed down version of the full tutorial which will be available on the Tribe Tutorial DVD. After the DVD is released we will begin to publish the full versions on the website.

 The reverse vault can be useful when you have to approach a rail from an angle where a normal two handed vault may not be as smooth or effecient, or after exiting a previous vault where the reverse vault can help more effeciently preserve momentum over the next obstacle.


Place your left hand on the obstacle with and underhand grip and your righthand on the obstacle with and overhand grip. This is for a reverse vault where you spin counter-clockwise, as shown.


As your hands are reaching the object, punch or jump from both feet
initiating a vault over your outside (left) shoulder- your body is twisting away from your hands.


Stay in a ball shape creating a smooth arch of
movement over the obstacle. Tucking your knees to your chest helps to maintain momentum in your spin and clearing the obstacle.


As you pass over the obstacle, sight your landing - remove hands, left first and right second, prepare to land



Be prepared to land and, depending on the height of your vault, possibly roll. In either case, work to make your landing smooth and fluid.



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Written by Aaron Wilz   
Sunday, 25 December 2005 09:30
Last Updated on Thursday, 22 November 2012 09:36