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koreysarvasKorey Sarvas was an exceptional individual with a rare love of life and love for those around him. Hew was always there to lift others up, and even a year after he's gone he continues to do so. - M2

There will be a jam in Korey's honor: Remembering Korey Sarvas Jam Sunday Dec. 2nd at Las Olas and the Riverfront Ft.Lauderdale,Florida. 12 Noon. We'll have more details and a link to the event on our calendar soon.

Drew Drechsel has put together a few words, November 1st would have been Korey's 23rd birthday. Read More for Drew's reflections.

His 23rd birthday would have been on November 1st and it's almost been exactly one year since I got the heart wrenching phone call with that I wanted to believe was a prank. Waking up in the morning and getting a call hearing that my best friend Korey Sarvas had passed away still doesn't seem real to me. Korey had completely changed my view on life only after a few moments of meeting him. I had known him for almost three years, and during those three years we lived, worked, and trained together. His mother had joked I might as well be adopted. Korey and I had both achieved one of our life goals together when we were teammates on Jump City. He knew just how to push me to try something I didn't believe I was capable of, and I knew just what buttons to press for help him as well. I had always known how much of an impact he had on my life, but at his service, and at his funeral, I learned how great of a man he really was. Just when I thought I knew everything about him, I learned how he had impacted hundreds of others lives just like my own. It really blew my mind how much love and inspiration one person could spark. Korey fell in love with parkour and freerunning much how I had, and always jumped at the opportunity to help others and teach them something new. The parkour community has grown so much from his doing alone, the people he taught and got into the discipline went on to do the same. Now I'm sure there are a few hundred people who have Korey to thank for getting them into parkour, for pushing them to be better, and helping so many people realize that life is too valuable and short to sweat the small thing. Korey Sarvas will always be with me and forever be missed.


Drew Drechsel is an American Parkour Sponsored Athlete

and American Ninja Warrior Competitor.


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