Bangalore India Parkour Jam

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On Sunday January 20th near the National Games Village vicinity, Koramangala in India one of Bangalore's first Parkour Jams was was held reported

Starting at 8:30AM untill 12:30PM there was lots of strectching, parkour workouts, and challenges

"Parkour-Freerunning Jam is all about learning and sharing. It is an opportunity where Traceurs congregate to exchange knowledge and gain more experience through challenges in a non-competitive manner." The article explained.

However since most of the people who attended just had basic idea on the art, Chaos Faktory, a group of traceurs, martial artists and dancers who hosted the jam, made into a beginner Jam session to help spread awareness in Bangalore.


The Chennai Parkour Team was also there supporting the event.

It must have went well because Chaos Faktory says it "looks forward to [organizing] more of such events in and around Bangalore..."  in the future. 

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Written by Patrick Witbrod   
Wednesday, 06 February 2013 00:54