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Chicago has been hosting national jams more then a couple of years.  And this years looks to be better then the last!


Title: 2011 Chicago Colossal Jam 


Location: Chicago, IL 

Date: June 10-12, 2011 


TENTATIVE SCHEDULE!!!!! (After meeting times, the rest are kinda estimates, may change slightly)

-FRIDAY (Because it's Friday, you've got to get down on Friday)
8:00 pm - Oz Park
--Light training, field jam/tree fun/nearby stuff if too crowded with kids like last year, starting an hour later to help avoid that.

10:00 am - Meet at the intersection of halsted and harrison
10:30 - Big warmup
10:45 - JAM (Various spots, starting at the quad, moving to student services, nacho, that place with the rails, then maybe two groups split between BSB/AA)
2:00 - THAI BOWL (Or whatever eating establishment you choose)
3:00 - Vietnam Memorial (Brief warmup, then resume jamming)
THE REST OF THE DAY - Traveling down riverfront, possibly ending at the classic fountain)

12:00 - Grant Park Jackson and Michigan intersection.
The rest is traveling down Grant Park, possibly chilling at Millineum Park for a while, ending over by the museum.



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