APK Ambassadors - We Are Role Models


Who Are the Ambassadors?

An APK Ambassador/Role Model is a person who helps beginners and veterans alike to have a greater experience with Parkour and Freerunning. They are someone who lives and breathes parkour and freerunning, an organizer, leader, and inspirer who has trained to a high level themselves and wants to share this passion with others. Being an Ambassador means giving back to the community by spreading your knowledge of the sport and helping others follow in the same steps that you walked on their way to becoming better traceurs. Ambassadors are the leaders of the community who are recognized for their hard work in spreading the love of the sport

What do APK Ambassadors do?

    • Bring their local communities together by encouraging everyone to train together
    • Act as a first point of contact for new traceurs and freerunners in their communities
    • Build their communities by hosting workshops and classes for beginners and seasoned practitioners
    • Help spread a positive image for Parkour by hosting Leave No Trace events.
    • Attend Jams as a representative of APK, distritbuting APK sponsored gear when available
    • Highlight their communities by gathering and publishing videos and other media on American Parkour
    • Write articles and reviews of products that they use


Lead Ambassadors


Howard Palmer

Howard Palmer actionHoward started training in the arts of Parkour in 2006 and has never stopped. A long-time advocate of personal health and well-being, he has spent the last 25 years sharing and teaching this knowledge. Howard hosts introduction to Parkour classes weekly in Atlanta and continues help establish a community name for Parkour in Georgia

Ian William

Ian William Ian William is an ambassador from Lake Havasu City, Arizona. Ian has been training parkour since 2011 when a friend talked him into trying it out. As an ambassador he gets the opportunity to continue doing the things he already does, focus on community! Ian is known for his Crossing Off project as well as his Gremlins videos.




Role Models


Layton "Tron" Williams. Washington, DC

Ambassador Since February 2010

 Tron began his training with his best friend Tony Cephas with backyard moves and fierce confidence. After beginning his training at Primal Fitness he was recognized for his creativity and drive and is continuing to perfect his movement through experimentation and  dedicated training.

Check out Tron's latest video


Marcus Lincoln. Austin, TX

Ambassador Since February 2011

 Marcus has been training parkour for 5 years, but in the beginning it was all self-teaching from watching videos online. He first saw 'Jump London' on tv and immediately was hooked. He never really played sports aside from football for a year, but he competed on the Physical Fitness team in high school ROTC all 4 years. From 15 on he's been absolutely in love with movement, and he has trained with many wonderful people both well known and not. Marcus has been coaching gymnastics for 3 years and run a small parkour program at a local Boys and Girls club. He plans to train his body and mind for as long as they will allow, and continue spreading his knowledge and experiences with anyone who wants to listen.

Check out Marcus' 2012 video!


Brett Robert. San Francisco, CA

Ambassador Since August 2012

 Brett Robert has been training parkour since 2008.  In 2011 he began coaching parkour, as well as gymnastics, after returning from a shoulder surgery that threatened his ability to train at all.  He has also studied ballet, modern, and jazz dance forms, as well as many styles of martial arts.  Since June 10, 2011 Brett has trained everyday, carefully rotating active rest days in to his strength, parkour, tricking, and martial arts workouts.

Check out Brett's latest Sampler


Phil Swatridge. London, England UK

Ambassador Since August 2012


More information coming soon!

Video Coming Soon


Sam Blattner. Silver Spring, MD

Ambassador Since September 2012


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Brian Prince

Brian Prince. Atlanta, GA

Ambassador Since September 2012

Brian Prince is from Atlanta, Georgia and has been training parkour since 2008.  Being 6 feet and 9 inches tall he is one of the taller traceurs out there, but that doesn't stop him from learning, progressing or having a great time. Besides parkour, Brian also enjoys longboarding, drawing, comics, cartoons, burritos and singing in his car.

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