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Texas Winter Jam 2012 PDF Print E-mail

Texas Winter Jam 




Title: Texas Winter Jam

Location: San Antonio, Texas

Date: January 6-9th, 2012


Day 1-January 6th Arrival and Sleeping Arrangements

Preferred arrival time. Housing will be first come first serve as far as spots go so plan accordingly. Arrival and settling in today.  There is room in my apartment and we have other apartments up for housing. Email jereme(at) or maverym(at)gmail.comfor info on lodging and to reserve your spot.

Optional Training Nearby once everyone gets settled, Possibly hit up Brackenridge Park as well.


Day 2- January 7th Downtown San Antonio

10:00am – Plan to be fed and leaving at this time if you are staying at the house, we will be headed downtown at this time.

11:00am - Arrive downtown at the Tower of the Americas(600 Hemisfair Plaza Way, San Antonio, TX 78205) meeting spot, get a headcount and start the warm up.

After Warm up we’ll split the groups if the turn out is big enough to necessitate that. One group will head to the Alamodome and the other can stay at the Tower of the Americas, if another group needs to be made they can go to the wooden playground.

1:00pm – Rotate Groups East

2:00pm – Rotate Groups East again

3:00pm – Break for Lunch at the Mall

5:00pm – Group up and go to the Alamo and Dam Spots Respectively

6:00pm – Switch Groups

7:00pm – Finish up the training, head back to wherever you are lodging at.

Day 3 – January 8th San Marcos

10:00am – Should be fed and heading for San Marcos at this time. It’s around  a 40 minute drive so plan accordingly .

11:00am – Arrive at the first training spot, the Wooden Playground (205 South C M Allen Parkway, San Marcos, TX) Get a headcount and warm up.

2:00pm – Break for lunch as we make our way to Texas State University

3:00pm – Arrive at Texas State, break into groups if need be and train!

After training people will head to their respective ways or back to lodging if they plan to leave tomorrow.

Day 4 – January 9th   Departure

Packing up, Cleaning up and heading out are on the agenda

Possible training nearby or at San Pedro if people are still around.

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