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WOD 11-19-13

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August 3: DC Girl's August Parkour Meetup

August 3-4: 2013 Colorado PK National Jam

August 16-18: Oregon's National Parkour Jam 2013

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End of the World 2012 PDF Print E-mail

The "End of the World" Jam / Party 



Title: The "End of the World" Jam / Party

Location: New York, New York

Date: December 20, 2012

Okay guys if we are going out.... WE ARE GOIN OUT IN STYLE!
so this is the official event page for the jam/party to go out with!
more info to come =)
- Jory Vigs

Ok guys, what we have so far is that depending on the size we will have multiple groups going around to awesome sites to train at, considering how early we are starting to organize it, it should be the outcome.
After we train late into the night, we will probably all drive/meet up at a beach some place with many stereos and sound systems and have a huge party.
Regarding people: what I would like is for pretty much every traceur on the east coast/ eastern side of the USA and maybe people from other countries should be attending this.
- James H. Russell

Okay guys. ALL YALL NIGGAS GON DIE. So lets go hard? but seriously come out, cancel any plans, this event's gonna be sick, its too early to have an itinerary, but i promise you its gong to be crazy.
- DJ "Flow" Flood

Sponsored by: Always Flow,

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