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Ann Arbor/MIPK Jam PDF Print E-mail

The 6th Annual Ann Arbor/MIPK National Jam

hosted by Michigan Parkour (UofM parkour club)

The dates are September 21-23 2012 and the jam will be on the University of Michigan Ann Arbor campus.


The jam is on Friday afternoon to evening, all day Saturday, and Sunday until evening. Come to all of the days or any of the days you can make.

During the jam, there will be sessions for first-timers and beginners, so even if you don't know anything about parkour, you can come to the jam anyway. This can be the time you can learn more about parkour and meet others who are also interested in parkour. If you're already familiar with parkour, then this is the time you can check out Ann Arbor hotspots and meet up with other traceurs/traceuses from the state and from around the country.

Schedule below is tentative, please see Facebook event for any updates.

Friday September 21st

4:00pm Meet at the Cube
-7:00pm Short warm-up and jam

At the end of the night, you will find out who's staying with who and where. If you get in town late, please get in contact with one of the leaders.

Saturday September 22nd

10:00am Meet at the Diag
-11:00am Warm-up
-3:00pm Jam
3:00pm-4:00pm Lunch break
4:00pm Meet back at the Diag and move to North Campus
-7:00pm Jam then group cool-down
7:00pm- BBQ

Sunday September 23rd
11:00am Meet at the Diag
-12:00pm Warm-up
Jam until everyone left

There is no fee, so you're free to come to any and all parts of the jam.

However, you'll still need money to buy yourself food during the jam. There will be a BBQ on Saturday evening, but other meals are on you. (if you really don't have money to buy yourself food, then let someone at the jam know. They can definitely figure something out.)

Housing can be provided for free for everyone who needs it. Basically you'll be staying at someone's apartment or co-op housing.
If you have any special needs concerning housing, please let them know as early as possible.
Also, for people living near Ann Arbor or flying into Detroit Metro Airport, you will be able to get a ride. Please let the contacts know early, so arrangements can be made.
Those organizing the jam are working closely with the university officials to make this event possible. Facilities & Operations & Filming Office and DPS (
Department of Public Safety) have been consistently helpful for the club to be able to train on campus openly
and legitimately. Not only they, but Ann Arbor community also has always shown only good intentions. The community would like to keep this wonderful relationship with
our community going, and to do so they ask you to be always respectful of your surroundings (Everyone and everything that is part of Ann Arbor community and
parkour community).



Jam is on rain or shine!  Along with the Facebook page, you can also keep up do date by checking along with following @michiganparkour on Twitter!