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WOD 11-19-13

If wrinkles must be written on our brows, let them not be written upon the heart. The spirit should never grow old. -James A. Garfield

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August 3: DC Girl's August Parkour Meetup

August 3-4: 2013 Colorado PK National Jam

August 16-18: Oregon's National Parkour Jam 2013

August 23-25: Portland, ME Jam

August 31-September 1: Montreal Parkour Jam 2013


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We have 66 guests online
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Waivers for (B)EAST COAST!

EVERYONE Must have one. Under 18 must be signed by parent. If you show up without your parent or legal guardian and no waiver, you will not be admitted to the event. Please read that again, we cannot stress it enough!!

Big thanks to Matt Peveley for setting this system up!!

Live DJs!
DJ Archangel Gabriel of Pavilion (Baltimore / DC)
DJ Ryan Wilson (also of Pavilion)
Beast Coast Schedule

Beast Coast Schedule

FitAid Sponsors APK fAST cONTEST


FitAid is putting up a case a month of their product for a FULL YEAR to the winner of this year's APK Annual fAST cONTEST!

While the cONTEST is lighthearted and based on comradery and sportsmanship, there will still be prizes for the fASTEST. APK will also have some FitAid around the Academy for our athletes to test out as a recovery drink. I can already tell you it's delicious :)

Gibbon Slacklines Sponsors APK fAST cONTEST


The winner of this year's fAST cONTEST will receive a Gibbon Jibline X13 - their most popular model among traceurs - courtesy of Gibbon! There is no more fun way to improve your balance! Also available in the APK Store!




We're Excited to announce that once again this year VitaCoco will be our main beverage sponsor!


 This year BEast Coast will feature a several new spots that will be accessible only by metro.

It is very important that you have a metro card!

The easiest and best overall option is to purchase a "SmartTrip" card. These are available at most metro stations and cost $5. Having one of these as opposed to a paper fare card will save you $1 each trip, paying for itself after 5 trips (which you are sure to take). Load the card with about $15 to ensure enough money to get where you need to go.

More info can be found here-

BEast Coast Jam Great Falls

Second Day of BEAST COAST will be at Great falls! Nature Training, MovNat Workout, LNT Cleanup, and cookout

Photo courtesy of SR2 - Pablo Durana


Saturday night we will have a group bouldering session at Sport Rock in Alexandria

Accessible by metro and they have dropped the rate to only $10 plus $5 shoe rental for 3 hours from 7:00PM to 10:00PM!!

(rates as long as 50 people go)

You'll need this signed

Housing: Try these two hostels, reserve early as they will fill up!! Rates from $35 per bed per night including Taxes. Linens and Breakfast. Plus a $3 per night for a membership fee. Talk to the front desk about the membership coupon if staying 2 or more nights.

How much Money will I need? $$

All APK Sponsored / hosted events are FREE!

Friday Open gym at APK Academy - FREE

Saturday Jam at Gateway Park - FREE

Fast Contest - FREE to watch and FREE to enter

Sunday Great Falls MovNat Workout - FREE

Great Falls Cookout - FREE

Things you need money for:

Hostel (~$30 per night )

Metro Card - $20

Rock Climbing - $10 plus $5 for shoes

Great Falls Park entrance ~$5 per person

All Meals Saturday ?$

Breakfast Sunday ?$

Really,  You guys provide all this for FREE!!?? Can I make a donation?

 We get this question pretty often. APK is a community, yes, a business as well, but one that lives within a community, and we work very hard to be a valuable part of that community. If you feel compelled to support APK, and we REALLY appreciate it - please consider making a purchase from the APK store - like a nice Commemorative Beast Coast 2013 Shirt.


What to bring

Plenty of water / hydration pack.
Snacks - plus some to share with M2
Lunch / snack money
Metro card (see above)
Change of clothes for climbing at Sportrock (so not wet or sweaty)
Change of footwear - in case it's wet out

First Annual APK fAST cONTEST!!!11!

Prizes - Who cares (but there are lots actually)

Who can run - TBD - Qualifiers are Firday night 7:00PM At Primal Fitness / APK academy Open Gym