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Parkour in Baghdad

bagdad 1

Over the last few months we've been hearing more and more about freerunners all over the middle east. The latest group to show up is a group of freerunners in Baghdad CNN reported on recently.  

Prince Haydar a 25-year-old from Baghdad is one of the few freerunners in the area. He practices despite the fact that his city is "currently facing a resurgence of deadly violence."

"When I do parkour, I get rid of all the scattered thoughts in my head and empty all the anger from inside me," said Haydar.

"It is dangerous and it is difficult to practice parkour anywhere," he says. "Sometimes we are exposed to [being] arrested or misunderstanding from some people and there is the deteriorating security situation."

Hayder discovered freerunning in 2007 when he watched District B13. Now he's dedicated to   improving and teaching parkour and its benefits, despite the possible risks. 

"We are a small group of young people and there are no parkour classes," he says, noting that the group -- aged between 18 and 25 -- support and teach each other, going as far as pooling their money to rent a gym.

"It's small and does not meet the purpose," he says. "It's very far from our homes, but despite of all these difficult circumstances we go."

"I love parkour because this sport is the art of movement and freedom and this art has made me know true freedom in this difficult life."

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