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WOD 11-19-13

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Introducing Collin Cooper - APK Sponsored Athlete

We are very pleased to announce the newest APK Sponsored Athlete, Collin Cooper. He started his journey back in 2009. Please check out his story and join us in welcoming him.


Collin started parkour and freerunning in 2009 at UWRF.  He currently teaches freerunning classes at Gleason's Gymnastics.  He tends to prefer practicing parkour rather than acrobatics, usually with an emphasis on going fast.  Collin says "the most important part of my training is having fun, especially with others.  If I'm not laughing, smiling and goofing around, then I'm not training right."  Being the comedian he is, Collin told us his other hobbies include slaying dragons, ghost hunting, pole dancing, lawn mowing and biography writing.

To read more about Collin and his reputation for being the fastest man in America, click read more....

Collin has a reputation for going fast.  He has won numerous parkour and freerunning competitions and is currently undefeated in every parkour competition he has participated in.  Some of the larger competitions that are under his belt include the Beast Coast fAST Contest and the 2013 Parkour Visions Classic Invitational.

A full listing of his competition history is as follows:

2011 Summer Parkour Comp at Fight or Flight Academy - 1st place
2012 Winter Parkour Comp at Fight or Flight Academy - 1st place
2012 Summer Parkour Comp at Fight or Flight Academy - 1st place
2013 (B)East Coast Fast Contest - 1st place
2013 PKV Classic Open Competition - 1st place
2013 PKV Classic Invitational Competition - 1st place

2011 Summer Freerunning Competition at Fight or Flight Academy - 2nd place
2012 Winter Freerunning Competition at Fight or Flight Academy - 2nd place
2012 Summer Freerunning Competition at Fight or Flight Academy - 1st place


You can take a look at Collin's new spot on the Sponsored Athlete page here!

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