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Welcome to the American Parkour Affiliate Information page.  If you are interested in signing up your Parkour or Freerunning website to become an official American Parkour Affiliate, please read the Requirements and Suggestions below. After reading the guidelines, please use the Become an Affiliate page to express your interest in becoming part of the APK Family!


Advantages: Integrating your website with AmericanParkour is mutually beneficial for both websites.  

  1. American Parkour is the world's most visited Parkour Website*, being connected will bring more people and credibility to your site.

  2. It will improve the resources of both websites. Your users can contribute to the knowledge and information in the forums, add to the Hotspots map, and post their new videos for the whole country to see. They can also learn from a ton of people in the forums, find new hotspots or people to train with when traveling, and see a much wider variety of skills and styles in videos from all over the country.

  3. Being affiliated with an inational organization will improve your legitimacy in the eyes of people unfamiliar with Parkour.

  4. You stay in control of running your website, APK does not take over or dictate what you do (aside from the few rules we set out below).  

  5. Your community banner will be prominently displayed on the APK Affiliates Page.
  6. Affiliated sites receive free gear and special offers from APK from time to time.

Required Actions:

  1. Placing an APK Affiliate banner on the main page of your website above the fold (the banner must be visible without scrolling). The four options are: 160x60, 160x160, 160x240, and 468x60. Once you become an Affiliate, we will provide you with the code to appropriately link to these images.

  2. Place a link to (or copy/paste a version of onto your site) APK's “What is Parkour? What is Freerunning” prominently on your front page. This ensures that APK and all of its affiliates are presenting a uniform meaning and definition of Parkour and Freerunning. 

  3. Your website has, and maintains, a mature and professional appearance. This includes, but is not limited to, the website layout and design, images, language, and behavior.

  4. Your forums must link to the APK forums.

  5. All content not created by the Affiliate must be properly credited.

  6. You may not advertise any direct competitor of APK - google ads excepted.

  7. Your site must not advocate any ilegal activity such as pirated software, etc.

  8. APK reserves the right to refuse or revoke any Affiliation if an organization does not adhere to the standards of an APK Affiliate.

Suggested Actions:

  1. We strongly encourage Affiliates to outsource their forums to the appropriate state-level forum of APK. This ensures that the local, state, and national communities are communicating and interacting. Having your official forum presence on APK will also bring more traffic back to your local site. New traceurs look to APK and its resources to find people near them.

  2. Post a link on your main page to the APK Tutorials page and APK's “Getting Started”. This ensures that when people find your site, they can easily and immediately have access to quality information on how to get started.

  3. You are encouraged to sell locally branded gear. You also have the option of putting your local gear in the APK Store. You let us handle creation, inventory, shipping, and payment, and APK only takes a small commission to cover our expenses.

  4. Link to or embed the APK Hotspots Map into your website. The more communities that use this, the more complete it will be and the better resource it will become.

* Source: Alexa.com, Compete.com