Current College Parkour Club Affiliates

Auburn University
George Mason University
Rowan University
UNC Charlotte
University Of Alaska Fairbanks
University of Michigan
Virginia Tech


Clubs In The Process Of Becoming APK College Affiliates

James Madison University
Louisiana Tech
McMaster University
Purdue (West Lafayette, IN)
Rochester Institute Of Tech
Wisconsin (River Falls) 


If you are interested in starting a parkour club at your university, email Lindsey Marr and then check out the "How To Start A College Parkour Club" section on the APKU Homepage.

If you are a club but are having trouble getting approval to train on campus, check our College Parkour Club Resources page to see the basic constitution we provide and other strategies for success as a club.

For any inquiries, support, and to share your success as a club, email Lindsey Marr

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American Parkour's College & University Parkour Club Resources


Parkour Club Charters

Club charters are a great way to build trust between your club and your university. Essentially it is a contract between club members and the university that both parties agree upon. Often it describes training strategies and methods to reduce risk in the university's eyes (i.e. a part of the charter might suggest that club members must remain on ground level during on campus training). Our recommended sample charter is below. We suggest you modify it to suit your university's standards and your club's needs.

Click here to view or download APK's sample club charter.

Strategies For Maintaining Good Standing With Your College Or University

APK Certified Instructors - Having APK Certified Instructors that lead and teach within your university sanctioned club is an important step for your club to be taken seriously. It suggests that your club has a set structure and that the club is training under the monitoring and mentorship of an instructor who has been trained in the methods that ensure the highest level of safety for the practitioners.

Training Safely - Although APK Certified Instructors are a great source of information on how to train safely, it is important that the traceurs that are a part of your club are making safe training decisions. This means that practitioners are following the appropriate progressions and accurately assessing their capabilities before attempting new skills.

First Aid Certification - First aid certifications can be extremely beneficial to college or university parkour clubs. Not only does it protect the practitioners incase someone does get hurt, but it also suggests to your school that your club is responsible enough to put a backup plan into place, provided the first safety measures (training under the mentorship of an APK Certified Instructor and training in a rationale manner) fail.

Following Your Charter - As mentioned above, a club charter is the agreement a club has with the governing university body that it is a part of. A pretty simple way to maintain in good standing with your school is simply to follow it! If you breach your charter, depending on how your university works, your club can be put on probation or dissolved completely.

Organized Meets - Holding organized meets is a great way to build trust with your school through developing routine. By letting your school know where and when you will be training throughout the week (or better yet, establishing the same time and location every week) they can let campus security know as well as other bodies (such as event health and safety) to ensure that everyone is aware of your training so your group is not bothered and training sessions are not interupted. Furthermore, organized meets can help to ensure that club leaders or APK Certified Instructors are at the meets so they can enforce safe training practices.

How To Start A Collegiate Parkour Club

Each university and college has its own specific process for starting campus clubs, so this guide will just outline the general process clubs usually go through (depending on their university) to becoming a fully approved, functioning club.

Click here to see our guide to starting your own College Parkour Club.

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