Current College Parkour Club Affiliates

Auburn University
George Mason University
Rowan University
UNC Charlotte
University Of Alaska Fairbanks
University of Michigan
Virginia Tech


Clubs In The Process Of Becoming APK College Affiliates

James Madison University
Louisiana Tech
McMaster University
Purdue (West Lafayette, IN)
Rochester Institute Of Tech
Wisconsin (River Falls) 


If you are interested in starting a parkour club at your university, email Lindsey Marr and then check out the "How To Start A College Parkour Club" section on the APKU Homepage.

If you are a club but are having trouble getting approval to train on campus, check our College Parkour Club Resources page to see the basic constitution we provide and other strategies for success as a club.

For any inquiries, support, and to share your success as a club, email Lindsey Marr

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American Parkour Affiliated Club: UNC Charlotte


Club Info

Year Started: 2008
Approximate Number of Active Members: 30
Main Contact: Renato Varga, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
APK Certified Instructors: Renato Varga
Facebook Group(s): Charlotte Traceurs & Freerunners and Charlotte Parkour
Media Outlet:


Leader Profiles:

Renato Varga

Renato is an extremely dedicated traceur who sees parkour as much more than a physical discipline. Known for his creativity and flow, this cool cat couldn't live without movement!
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