(B)East Coast Film Festival Submission Rules and Guidelines! Accepting

Parkour videos

   We are now accepting submissions for the (B)East Coast Film Festival! Please follow the guidelines and rules below to properly submit your video!

1: All Submissions are due on or before Friday, May 18th and will be sorted to premier during the festival on Saturday, May 26th.  PLEASE SUBMIT IN DIGITAL FORM by uploading and pasting the link in the form below. The video is to be in its original format (i.e. try not to compress, submit the full-resolution version of the video). Try to make it no more than 1gb for downloading purposes. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE PRESENT TO SHOW A VIDEO.

In the form below, try to include the following info in the last box:

Will you be present at the film festival? -
Title of Video-
Length of Video-
Any short description, shout outs to other people working on the project, or anything really, its up to you!-

2: Once submitted, a panel will weigh your submission against all other submission to pick the best 10* (tentative: based on length of videos chosen)  to be premiered at the film festival. Last year the festival ran long due to many submissions, so this year we will add the “semi-final” round. The top 10 submissions will not be publicaly ranked by the panel, only ranked for sorting purposes.

3: The video submission that you (or your team) submit must not be publically released prior to the (B)East Coast Film Festival. The video/film is to premier only at the (B)East Coast Film Festival. If the submitted video has been released publicaly (YouTube/Vimeo/etc), the video will not be chosen as a top 10 submission. YOU MUST OWN, AND BE ABLE TO POST THIS VIDEO ONLINE. American Parkour will post on your behalf on the Ameican Parkour YouTube Channel, so by submitting, you agree to give American Parkour permission to do so. Any exceptions to this rule will be decided by Skipper and/or the (B)East Coast Panel.

4: The video must be as short or as long as needed, but the panel urges the filmmaker to keep the length under 10 minutes. Obviously, this is not a rule and in no way is an attempt to restrict creativity, but for scheduling purposes, we feel some guidelines should be presented.

5: The submission should be Parkour/Freerunning related. Whether or not it features Parkour/Freerunning movements is up to the filmmaker, but it must tie in to some aspect of the Parkour Community and be somewhat relevant.

6: Although only the top 10 submissions will be premiered at the (B)East Coast Film Festival, all submissions will be placed on the American Parkour YouTube Channel in a (B)East Coast Film Festival group.

7: If you are present at the 2012 (B)East Coast Film Festival, you will be asked to introduce your video. The introduction can be a brief, 1 minute speech that can be used to put the video in context, thank everyone who helped you create it, etc.

8: I know all of this seems very official and straight forward, but please use this as an outlet for your creativity and talent. Have fun with it. Regardless of who walks away with first place, the real winners are the worldwide audience who get to view your work.


By submission, you agree to all terms and rules listed above. Any exceptions must be discussed and agreed upon by the (B)East Coast Panel prior to the submission deadline of Friday, May 20th. Please submit questions to Skipper at Skipper@americanparkour.com

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Written by Daniel Mannino   
Wednesday, 20 April 2011 17:49
Last Updated on Wednesday, 09 May 2012 16:12