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Sponsored Athletes

APK Sponsored athletes are chosen based on their dedication to their training, to their community, and to the positive promotion of Parkour. To represent APK they must be driven to progress, to develop their own skills as well as help others discover their own capabilities, and stand out as role models on a local, national, and international level.

tony Tony Cephas

Washington, DC 

Self taught from an early age, and already pushing each other to learn new arco and tumbling, Tony entered the world of Parkour with his friend Tron after spotting Natalie Strasser training at a local school. Soon after Tony began training at Primal Fitness and has been honing his natural explosive skills there since. Now working at the gym he is able to dedicate himself to progressing in and learning about Parkour.

Check out Tony's latest video!





 Wenxin Yang

Canton, MI

Wenxin Yang started Parkour October 2009 after stumbling onto Parkour on Youtube trying to find a backflip tutorial. Through self-teaching and the help of the American Parkour tutorials he was able to progress slowly, but surely, building a strong base foundation. He has an extensive martial arts background of 9 years, and dabbles in rock climbing, long boarding, and mountain biking. After training alone for one and a half years, Wenxin began training with the University of Michigan Parkour club. Today, he continues to train passionately, splitting his time between the small scene at his home of Canton, Michigan and the UofM Parkour club.

Check out Wenxin's latest video here!



David Ivey 

Cheverly, MD

David started training parkour in 2007. He is known for his giant afro and and his abundant amount of training videos on youtube. Whether its parkour, tricking, strength training or just being awesome he is constantly progressing. He has an awesome outlook on life, always has a smile on his face and is gaining more friendships day by day. He combines explosive power with clean acro to produce a beauitul floaty poetry of motion. He is definitely someone to keep on the look out! 

Check out David's 4 years of Parkour video!





Elet Hall

Cavetown, MD

Elet started parkour in early 2008. He began training by himself in the Appalchian Mountains of western Maryland and a year later founded Frederick MD PKFR with another nearby traceur. The community was small but tight and has regularly hosted jams and training sessions since. Elet's personal training has a focus on speed, continuity, and strength influenced by his background in soccer and fitness. When Elet isnt getting gnarly jumping off of things, hes usually snowboarding, hiking, rock climbing, or cliff jumping somewhere in the hills.His videos have had a solid run at the (B)East Coast Jam Film Festival, taking 2nd place two years running.

Check out Elet's Be Something video!




Shae Perkins

Kemah, TX

Shae is currently 19 years old and he has been training for over 5 years. The only noteworthy activity he participated in before Parkour was soccer on and off for 5 years. He is a performance team member of both Urban Movement out of Houston, TX and PK.O.U.T. out of Dallas, Texas. Also, he currently coaches a Parkour class out of Houston Gymnastics Acedemy and will also be the Summer Parkour Coach for Camp Woodward West in California. Parkour is his life!

Check out Shae's new video!




Chris Stevenson

Oklahoma City, OK

 Chris has been training since 2006.  He is a huge part of the parkour scene in Oklahoma City and a co-founder of OKPK.  Chris' training style is focused especially on climbing, control and long, complex runs.  Chris has a background in martial arts and rock climbing, this background, combined with parkour have led to other interests including minimalism, engineering, traveling, ecology and sustainability.

Check out one of Chris' videos!





 Hugo Frias

Guadalajara Jalisco, Mexico

Hugo started training in October 2006 after he saw the movie, Yamakasi.  At the time, he had no idea what parkour was and so after watching the movie decided to do some research.  From there, he became attracted to all types of movement and connected with other traceurs in his area.  Gradually his training changed, parkour became something that was no longer a hobby, rather it encompassed everything he did as it transformed into a lifestyle.  Hugo is known for his combination of flow, flips and creativity.

Watch Hugo's latest video here. 





Collin Cooper

Edina, Minnesota

Collin started parkour and freerunning in 2009 at UWRF.  He currently teaches freerunning classes at Gleason's Gymnastics.  He tends to prefer practicing parkour rather than acrobatics, usually with an emphasis on going fast.  Collin says "the most important part of my training is having fun, especially with others.  If I'm not laughing, smiling and goofing around, then I'm not training right."  Being the comedian he is, Collin told us his other hobbies include slaying dragons, ghost hunting, pole dancing, lawn mowing and biography writing.

Watch one of Collin's videos here!

If you are interesting in becoming a sponsored athlete, please submit the following for review to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it :
1. A video showcasing your skills.
2. A paragraph of why you deserve to be a sponsored athlete and what you do for your community.
3. A paragraph saying why and how you would be a good representative of APK.