Is Falling Freedom?

Ideas of Freedom from Frosti


What is this dreamer's dream we're all running so fast to find? We call out our actions in the name of sacred stolen freedom but what has been taken from us? Did we lose it at some point, when they built that wall did we say to ourselves: "How horrible, I've been contained! Suddenly my urge to overcome this obstacle is insatiable!" Most likely we weren't even alive or aware of that wall when it was being built, if anything we most likely welcomed it as another place to train. So what is this beautiful mysterious freedom we deem to be greatest over all?

Perhaps it is the act of overcoming, when i vault this rail i am defying the rail's inherent nature, that of blocking my, diverting my movement, forcing me into a path not of my choosing. But am i freed of my own constraints? Am i not supposed to follow in one straight line, isn't that just following another set rule of motion, isn't that just as constraining? So if i really want to be free should i just run amok, jumping about however i please? Say i run along next to the rial, following it's instruction exactly, isn't that my freedom as well? What is parkour? Is running straight across a parking lot parkour?

Is it instead the mental escape? "I am not longer held down to this ground, to the set ideas of society, i am free." So i run round, hopping benches and jumping over walls, showing the world that i am not like them, i am free to be whoever i want to be. Is that parkour, is it about proving that you are not one of those people? Because if parkour is just a freedom of your movement, not contained by how everyday "normal" people move then wouldn't mountain climbing or skydiving be parkour? You are quite literally not letting anything stop you from making your way to point B from point A, not a mountain or miles of sky.

So what is it? I can't deny that i also seek this same brilliant freedom every time i slip on my trainers and head out to run. I can relay the same sense of freedom when i've cleared the gap, landed the jump, finished the vault. Is it an internal freedom, some indescribable feeling that we get when we've overcome something within, proved something to ourselves? Whatever this freedom is, wherever it went, i'm glad we all lost it, because as long as it's gone we still have something to do.

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